#579 Learning – S3 E1 – You can’t know it all!

There will not come a moment in your life when you know it all. That is just not possible! But how close can we get? Actually, not that close! Learning is a life long process. Sure, we hated to hear that back at school, but today, we might have understood. In fact, our teachers were right! But just that only time, of course! Learning never really stops! The only thing that stops are the stupid tests and exams! But surprise, surprise! Life is offering a compensation for that! It is making things even more challenging! How great is that?!

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Maybe we do not even realize what is going on, but technically we are learning all the time. At work, at home, just everywhere! We learn from experiences, good ones, bad ones, strange ones. We learn from mistakes. We learn from other peoples mistakes. We just learn all the time. But what’s the big deal about it then? Isn’t learning something that comes natural to us? Something we do not even need to think about, because we are doing it automatically?

You can start to read one book a week, and sure, you will learn something. But you will not learn it all. Use it or lose it! Whatever you do, whatever you try to learn, if you do not repeat your stuff, well, it will be gone at the end of the day! Sure, not literally at the end of the day! At least I hope so! But very close to that! Maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky, you will still somehow remember something about it. You will have the impression that there is something somewhere in the back of your mind. Maybe you have heard about, yeah! But when? But where? It will not come to your mind so easily!

Is remembering something important? I guess so! You should know your name, your house, your car. But that is of course not what this question implies. Is remembering stuff from great value in this modern 21st century? I mean, we can google basically everything, right?

It is important to know how to help yourself! You always hear that in engineering. It’s not important to know all the facts, it’s important to know where you can find them if needed. Sure, sounds logical. But we should know something, right? We can’t look everything up.

I don’t think that we should try to know too much. We should rather focus on a broader scale and get into the details with what we want or need to know. But sure, at the end of the day, this always depends on what we are doing in life. Some people just need to know it all.

In our modern society, we are used to do not show any kind of weakness. We are supposed to know it all! Shame on you, if you do not know something! At least pretend that you know it! But well, we all know how wrong that is! We all know that it is stupid. But still, what do we change? Nothing, right? We have accepted it.

You can’t know it all, but you can learn how to learn! Do you know how to learn? Well, the third series of learning is more about the real life learning.

See you next time!

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