#580 Discipline – S2 E10 – The Process – Why 1+1=2!

Maybe you hated math at school. If so, don’t worry! It will not get too complicated today!


If we have a look at a very basic equation like this, sure, we already know that it is correct! Right? At least I hope so! But how did you do it? How can you make sure? Are you relating to past experiences? Can you show me the mathematical proof? It sounds funny to think about it, but people in general always want some kind of a proof. It’s just inside of us, right? Someone claims something and we, we are skeptical at the beginning! Very skeptical! But once we have some proof, well, we feel much more comfortable with looking into the subject differently. If we are really honest, for mathematical equations, we just take a calculator. We type in the numbers and see what we get! Right? Right! And do we check those numbers? Well, we can type it in a second time if you mean that, but otherwise, well, not really!

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Discipline works like math. There are rules, for sure! There is proof! Lots of proof! But at the end of the day we do not have the time to look at the equation and find the solution by ourselves. We may just need a kind of a calculator that is just doing the magic for us. Without thinking, without double checking, without any effort.

Discipline is on the one hand this very basic thing we all pretend to have understood a long, long time ago, but on the other hand something not many people seem to really use.

The thing about discipline is that you do not need to know how it works as long as you are using it. Some people might wonder how it is possible to write a daily blog in between doing all those other things in our lives. They wonder how it is possible to really sit there every single day. The answer? Well, it is as easy as solving mathematical equations. You just need to add the right input in order to get the output you want. As easy as that!

I can write my blog every single day, because I have mastered the topic of discipline. In fact, I have defeated it a long, long time ago. But so can you! Is discipline really as easy as that? Just the logical consequence out of your doing? In fact, yes it is!

But you do not believe me, right? You expect some proof! Lucky me, that you have collected so much data in your past already. If you want to proof my statement, just look into your past life. Pick whatever moment you want and start to think about reasons why you failed doing something for longer than a view weeks. Maybe you have started to go to the gym, or your daily meditation session, or whatever it is. Just try to get back to those moments. And well, after that, take situations where you have pushed through until the very end. The search for your new car, the way you have conquered your partner, or got this position you always wanted. Look at your behavior in those moments and tell me the difference! You will see, the input was differently.

Your past experience taught you that 1+1=2, but it also taught you that 1+0= not 2!

The secret to being disciplined? Well, you already have it inside of you. You just need to learn how to use it more often! Discipline is always there for you if you want it to be there. But sure, if you do not want to, it will not get off the couch, watching you stumbling through life.

Every single day you wake up, there is another chance for you to change your life forever. Why don’t you change it today? It is that easy! You just need to start!

See you next time!

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