#581 Life Coaching – S1 E12 – A Game called life

There comes a moment in everyones life, when we start to question it all. We wonder what this is really all about. What are we even doing all day long? Is that it? Is this what we are supposed to be? Is this what we are supposed to do?

Life can be tough from time to time, true! But at the end of the day, what is life anyways? Is life really what we think it is? Is this, whatever we are doing all day long worth calling it living? What is the right thing to do and what is not?

I do not know if I am the only one having these thoughts or not, but honestly, don’t you have those questions as well? Don’t you wonder about people actions and decisions in life? Don’t you have an opinion about others? Or at least about yourself? Do you question your own doing? Do you wonder how life would have changed once you would have left your current path and just changed one single decision?

The longer I think about this thing we call life, the more I get shocked by how light the topic actually is. There is a start, there is a definite end. But the time in between, short, that’s for sure! But besides being short also not really well explained. Just imagine you would purchase a board game that would work like this! Would you be disappointed? This must be the most boring game ever!

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Rule one: Chose one of the Characters. You start small, weak, not able to communicate properly, can’t feed yourself and probably freeze to death.
Rule two: Draw a red card. There is a number on the card that will tell you when you die. But you are not allowed to look at it.
Rule three: Good luck!

The most boring game ever! Or would you like to play it? There is no sense in playing such a board game, right? At least until we start to give this game a higher purpose. We can dedicate the life of our character to something, anything in fact. For example building up a secret society, or invent some rules, or do basically whatever we want. It’s all up to us, I guess.

Is life really like that? Is life really that simply explained? I guess so. Just take the moment and ask yourself the following questions in that sequence. Just answer them on the spot without really thinking it through.

What is your name? Why is this your name? Why do you have a name? How old are you? Why do you count your age? What is your job? Why do you have a job? Where do you live? Why do you live there? Why can you read this? Who said that English is the way to go? For how long will you be here? When have you completed your mission? What is your mission? Why do you have a mission? Who told you what to do? Who has defined all those rules? Why do you do what you do? Are you satisfied with whatever you call life? What makes a life worth living? What would you change in your life if you could? Why do you want to change your life? Who is succeeding in life and who isn’t? What is a good and what is a bad in life? Is this your first life?

At the end of the day, my conclusion is always the same. Everything in our world is based on decisions someone else took before us. There are rules, there are machines, there are things we are supposed to do. Routines, behaviors, social norms. But all of that was just invented by someone. Why do we drive in Germany on the right and in England on the left? Because that is Gods will? Definitely not! But because it has established itself in the past. It’s basically like our little board game. Someone came up with the idea and know it’s a part of game / life.

Why is everyone paying taxes, but not everyone a blogger? Because the first thing is not a matter of choice? But where does it start? Where is the line? Have you ever thought about a complete restart? Just imagine building up an Island in the middle of the ocean. Which social norms would you implement? Which rules? But also, how would the people change? What would they do differently? Would they do something differently?

We are used to do what we do. We have been literally programmed to do what we do. I walk through my neighborhood and greet strangers, but wouldn’t do that in the city center. But why? Where is the difference? It could be the very same guy! But the thing is not what we do, but instead that we do not even think about it. We just live our lives. We want the bigger house, the better holidays, the faster cars. But why? Because for us, this is what we are supposed to do! This is how we want to define us in this thing we call life.

Life is worth thinking about it. Maybe you are still young and don’t want to think about such things, but the sooner you do the better. Life can be misleading people. But how do we know what is the right path? The truth is we just can’t. We do what feels right to us. But if that is really the thing to do? Well, who knows!

Question your life. Question your doing! Ask yourself if whatever you are currently doing is in fact the thing you want to do or not!

With my master thesis coming to an end very soon, well, I still do not know how life will look like in one month from now. Where will I live? What will I do? Will I become a full time blogger?! The future? I can’t forecast it, but nevertheless I know what I will do! I will reach my goals of course! The thing about life is that it’s really just a game. There are some mandatory rules, but once we agree with them, well, we can literally do whatever we want! Don’t take life so serious!

See you next time!

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