#582 Behind The Blog – S1 E13 – A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS

I like likes, you like likes, we like likes.

It is fascinating to think about it, but with one single click on a button, we can make someone else’s brain feel happy for a moment. Not forever, sure! But at least for the next 20 or so seconds. Maybe you have a blog yourself? Or social media? I am sure you have at least one of those! The moment we post something online, we are constantly looking for acceptance. For recognition! And there it is! You get a notification! Someone else likes your picture, your post, or whatever it is. You already feel the party happening in your brain? Chemicals are getting distributed like hell! You are on drugs for a little while, feeling like the happiest person in the world!

But the thing is of course, that once we experience this celebration between our ears, well, we want it to happen again and again! Like a drug addict we are trying everything in order to get this feeling back! Well, not really! Why? Because the real life doesn’t look like that! It’s not that we build up this mega community with thousands of followers. We are just small little fishes. We post a picture and get some likes, sure! But that’s your mom, your sister, your kids, your friends. And we all know that those likes have lost their magic a long, long time ago.

Let’s face it, reality is just something else! But that’s the thing! That is the potential I see!

In Germany, you can’t park your car wherever you want for free. Most of the time you need to buy a parking ticket. Either you pay for a couple of hours, or for the complete day. Studying in Friedrichshafen at the Lake Constance for my bachelor, there was this huge parking space where I lived nearby for a while. And there the idea was born. I would get a ticket when needed, but always for the complete day and give it away to someone else afterwards. Sure, in Covid 19 times a nightmare, but otherwise a random act of kindness. And god it works! You feel good, the other person feels good! Why? Because it was an unexpected thing of course. But what is really fascinating about this is the fact, that the positive energy doesn’t get smaller, instead it can grow.

You feel good, the person that gets it feels better. But you have literally changed their day. They will spread this positivity! They will do something similar to others. And so, the positivity grows and grows.

Sure, with this COVID 19 thing that’s not really a thing these days. But well, why don’t we do it online? I mean, I am just asking! But imagine what would happen if we would just start to spread some energy today. What would happen if each and everyone of us would take some time and like and comment other peoples work out there? Can we start a wave of positive energy that will go around the world?

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

The thing is, that we can just do this every single day! Doing something good. Help other people, shovel the snow from our neighbors path, be kind to each other! Treat each other with respect! And sure, the more we give, the more we get back! It just works, try it out for yourself if you do not believe me!

See you next time!

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