#584 MY NEW CAR – *Topic Week 13* – Day 1 – Expectations

With the last topic week focusing on car leasing, this weeks topic is the direct consequence out of that. My Audi is finally produced and ready to hit the road.

But well, I do not have it yet! The appointment is only later on in the day, therefore, today we start with the expectations.

It’s a brand new car, of course the expectations are high! But with me not having a car in the last three months, the bar might be even higher! That I am a motorsport enthusiast shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, therefore you might be able to imagine how painful it actually was, to do not have my own car. Sure, we were in the lockdown most of the time anyways, but still, there is plenty of opportunity to drive around between 5 am in the morning and 9 pm at night.

I could use the car from my mom, I guess that’s something important to say. Therefore there was no need for taking the bus, or something like that. But still, it’s not the same.

With the days closing in, the excitement seemed to have arrived at its peak level. I can’t literally wait! I want to have it! I want to drive it! I want to experience it!

I guess we are all familiar with a situation like this. We couldn’t wait for Christmas, or birthday, or the summer holidays. But this time, it was different. With my deadline for the master thesis coming up, time was actually flying. I was so busy all day long writing this thing, that there was not even enough time to think about the car.

Compared to what I was driving before, this will be a huge step up in the game. Sure, it’s not a 500 + horsepower car, but that wouldn’t be the right thing for the moment anyways! I was looking for a daily driver. A useful car. Therefore, of course I oriented myself at the current benchmark in this car segment. The MQB platform from the VW group. I was having a Golf before, I was ok with that, therefore I wanted something like this again. A practical car, five seats, not that large, reliable, good handling for a front-wheel driven car and kind of quick on the roads as well.

But will it really be enough? I guess this question is very easy to answer! It’s never enough! But we need to draw a line sometimes. Let’s face it, the most of the time we drive to work, to the supermarket and in lockdown times that’s even it. Why do I need a sportscar right now? Because it makes fun? Right! But honestly, that’s not really the use case scenario the car is build for. With my new car, which is a hybrid of course, I can decide on my own what I want. Cruising locally CO2 emission free through the hood, or boosting the hell out of the drivetrain on twisty roads. With the car being a leasing car, I just do not need to care about the hybrid system and if that is really as reliable as they claim.

Having driven a lot of different cars in my life already, for sure I know what I can expect. But reality might be different sometimes, still! Will it be possible for me to drive slowly with the car? A strange question at first sight, but for me an important one. With a tendency to do not drive too fast, but always on the perfect line, the speed seems to add up on one another automatically. Causing me to fly through the roundabouts and corners. In a car where I can drive slowly, not a problem. But in a car where I can’t, well, my driver license is in constant danger!

I decided against test driving the car and so, it will be my first time driving it this afternoon. Sure, I was driving the predecessor and knew what I can expect, but still, you never know. Maybe they improved it even further.

The big advantage the leasing deal is offering me is of course the fact, that I know the costs upfront. And so, it makes life a little bit easier without having found a job yet. I mean, I can be honest with you guys. I was thinking about buying something expensive and sure, with me saving up the money for my Porsche, I could have done that. But is it really clever? No! It is not, of course! I do not even know where I will life in one month, or where I will work, or how far I need to drive to work. Therefore, buying something expensive doesn’t make any sense! I am in a very comfortable position financially wise, why should I change that and increase the pressure on my own shoulders?

And so, the car is the perfect compromise for me! It’s not too slow, but also doesn’t consume too much fuel. It’s good looking but also practical. And honestly, what do I want more? A Porsche? Right you are! But not today, unfortunately.

Can you already guess what car it will be exactly?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

See you next time!

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