#585 MY NEW CAR – *Topic Week 13* – Day 2 – Heading towards the dealership

Finally! I can not even describe how much I have waited for this moment to come. From now on, I can drive wherever I want. At least theoretically. I guess with the master thesis still being a thing, I will just drive to work and back a couple of times in the week and that’s about it.

Some four month ago, I was not even thinking about getting a new car. Especially not a leasing car! My old car was still working pretty good and there was a plan to drive it for some more years to come. But that’s the thing in life, you can plan whatever you want, life has other plans.

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Do I miss my old car? An interesting question, but honestly not as much as I thought. I have experienced quite some moments with it. Good moments, bad moments, funny moments and sad moments. But in the end, it’s just a car, right? Was it a good decision to lease a car? I would still answer this question with yes. For me in this current situation, actually the best thing I could do. I have a new car for the next three years, I do not have any risks and after that time my life might have settled down a bit, allowing me to decide if its time for the Porsche already or not. And sure, the whole car with everything, like insurance, fuel, electricity, maintenance and stuff costs me less in a year than the running costs for the Porsche I will have in the future. Interesting, right? Well, maybe I will rethink the Porsche decision? Just kidding of course, but it’s indeed interesting to see how much more you have to pay. Sure, you can’t really compare this car to a 911 Turbo, but it drives as well! And sure, if the speed limit will come in Germany, there is no need for a street legal Porsche anyways. I guess when the speed limit is here, I will get a race car instead. But we will see what the future might bring.

Speaking about the future, the hybrid is waiting for me just around the corner! I still couldn’t take a decision for the name of my new car yet. You have some suggestions? But I guess a name is not that important anyways. I hope you can understand, but today I just want to drive this thing. Have a good one!

See you next time!

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