#587 MY NEW CAR – *Topic Week 13* – Day 4 – Welcome to the family

I wouldn’t say that I am used to the new car already, but it’s getting better day by day! I mean, I was driving automatic gearboxes before, so that’s not an issue. But all those screens and functions. It sounds hilarious, but there is so much stuff you can adjust or lets put it that way, you need to adjust. Right? No, not really, but it’s fun, I agree.

Sitting here in my room and checking the charging process of the car on my phone, actually, a really cool thing! Checking if the car is locked, the windows closed and stuff like this. You can see all of that in your app! Isn’t that amazing? They even show you how much fuel you have and how far you can drive with that! Ok, we can have an argument about the fuel level and stuff, but checking if your car is locked and what’s the battery status is actually a very good feature! Oh, and don’t forget, you can also set a timer for the heating system to prepare your car before you get in! Very practical in these cold winter months, right? And there is more! A statistic and all you can imagine.

My new car

But isn’t that all a little bit too much? All that safety systems, line assists and the like? It’s definitely a two edged sword! On the one hand, sure, we all want to enjoy the pleasure of driving. Being engaged with the machine. We want to change gears with our hands! And step on the brakes with everything we got! We want to be a part of the system, not just a passenger in the back seats. And true, with all of those systems, what is our task as a driver exactly? I totally agree! You start to do other things when driving. You have suddenly more time to get distracted, to think, to let your thoughts wander around. But then on the other side, how does driving on the public roads really look like these days?! And I want a true and honest answer here! It’s bad, to say it nicely. There are so many people out there who would actually need all those systems. But sure, they don’t have them and therefore go on our nerves! Driving here in Germany is frustrating if you are a real car guy. But sure, if you know how, there is always a way! I for example drive to work very early in the morning. Sure, this has also something to do with me being very productive alone in the office, but also with the traffic. I just can’t stand it! Well, with my new car, actually, it makes much more fun to stand in the traffic jam. It’s just so relaxing, you know? You sit there, listening to the music and just forget about the world around you! Well, it’s not that romantically in an overcrowded city, but you got the joke, right?

For me personally, this car might help me to keep my driver license forever. It prevents me from driving too close to the car in front! Sure, it is annoying from time to time, because it does that automatically. But actually, we are driving on public roads for Christs sake. This is not a race track or something like that! Therefore, why not! If it makes life easier for me and others. And sure, if you want to drive fast, do that, but go on a race track or an unrestricted autobahn section where people are actually expecting from you to be quick.

This car is already a part of the family. Sure, there are some things I haven’t figured out to 100 % yet, but I will manage this in the next couple of days and weeks that are about to come.

See you next time!

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