#588 MY NEW CAR – *Topic Week 13* – Day 5 – Recharging the batteries

With the weekend in sight, I will do the same as my car and recharge my batteries. What a horrible joke, right?! Especially one week before the first self declared deadline to finish the master thesis. But what about a little break? That can not harm anybody, right? Sure, just take the car for a spin! Let’s go!

While the car is actually emptying its batteries, mine are recharging. Wow! It’s a perpetuum mobile! I solved the energy problem! Just kidding of course! But at least I found a new way how to relax! God, I missed having a car! If you are having a car yourself, for how much money in the world would you let it stand there without touching for three month? Oh, maybe you are not a car person yourself, where should I transfer the money to?

But on a more serious note! Driving this car has something meditational! There is no pressure! There is nothing you really need to worry about. It’s just perfect! But sure, it’s my new car, what am I supposed to say? That it’s horrible? Ha! Nobody would do that even if it is the truth, right? But no, the car is really good, I can assure you!

Shout out to the German government for making this possible! 😂🇩🇪💪 You guys are the best!

Without the 4.500 € and the discount from Audi it would have been a hard choice, honestly! But well, thank God there are people out there who actually believe the stuff they say about electric and hybrid cars and try to make the world a better place. Without them supporting the electrification of the people, the government would have never given me the money, right? Or wait a second! Is that just the automobile lobby? Is that all just a made up story to support the sales in this Covid-19 mess? Well, I actually do not care. I needed a car, I got a leasing car for the next three years that is actually very affordable and that’s everything I should care about, right? If that is good for the environment or not, well, who knows. I guess it depends on how I will change my driving style. Today, I was driving a bit faster. But sure, I still need to run in the engine and stuff like this. We don’t want to push it too hard, do we? At least not at the beginning.

But we will see how my mindset about hybrid cars will change in the future. To be continued …

See you next time!

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