#589 Racing is life – S5 E5 – BASICS – Let them talk

Criticizing, bad mouthing, talking bad behind our backs. We all know how the game works! I mean, we are not really better, are we? We do it ourself, basically all the time. Ok, maybe not all the time, but more often than we want to. Or let’s put it that way, should do it. But this is just a part of life! That’s how our world works these days. Accept it.

Whatever you do in life, there are always people standing in your way. Trying to hold you back, talking you small, making life harder for you and your projects.

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When you are small, nobody seems to care! But well, once that changes, you will automatically attract those kind of people. Sure, there is nothing you did wrong! That’s just a part of life. Deal with it! If you have dreams, of course a lot of people do not want you to reach them. Maybe they want the very same thing? Maybe they want the driver seat, the job, the position, the car, or whatever it is. But there doesn’t even need to exist a real reason like this. Some people are just not ok with you having success! That’s it! Why should you succeed when they fail so miserably? That isn’t fair, is it?

But well, what is really fair in life? Can you give me at least one simple example? Nothing? Mhh, well, maybe you think about it for a bit longer? That doesn’t help? Well, whatever. The thing is, you can’t stop them from talking badly about you! But you shouldn’t look at this from that point of view! Instead, you must do something actually very right, otherwise, why would they talk about you. Therefore, just let them talk! You have other things to focus your attention on anyways!

But it is so hard, isn’t it? We don’t want them to talk about us that way. We want to be liked, accepted, tolerated. But sure, there will always be at least one person that will not like you and what you are doing. That’s just life. But life goes on, and so should we. You have a job to do! You need to focus on your tasks for Christs sake! You can’t allow them to enter your thoughts! You need to blend them out! You need to keep on running! You need to move on!

But this mindset will not come easily! We are just caring too much about others and what they are thinking about us! And that’s the thing! We know that we shouldn’t, but we still do it! Therefore, don’t make the very same mistake over and over again. What you need to do is practicing it. Sounds funny, I know. But this is actually something we can learn. You can learn to give a shit about what others think about you. You can learn how to do your own thing no matter what!

In life, we always have a choice! Either we let them win and stop right here, or we push through until the very end without actually caring about them too much. Sure, easier said than done! But that’s the only chance we really have! You can’t satisfy everyone! That’s just not possible!

See you next time!

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