#596 Valentines day

Whoever goes to a florist today, in order to get some beautiful flowers for their loved ones, well, let me put it this way. Are you nuts?! Have you lost your mind!? Going to a flower shop today, that is allowed to open only for precisely four hours. Standing in the line with all those other people in COVID-19 times in order to get some flowers that have been brutally killed and separated from their families!? What is wrong with you!

That’s not a sign of love! That’s like showing your partner that they will also die, like these very flower! This is like saying: Hey! Look! Life is short, soon, you will also die, like those beautiful flowers you can watch in the next couple of days, loosing the fight against their injuries.

Maybe that was a bit too much? A bit over the top? Well, nearly six years of being single! Do I need to tell you more?

I guess, I just don’t get it! I don’t see the point! How can that be a sign of love? How can that be something romantic?

They say that its a good gesture! A sign that someone else cares about you! But honestly! What?!

I don’t get it, right? I mean, maybe you got some nice flowers today! If so, how was it? How does it feel? Good? Awesome? You will overlook your partners faults for the next three days? Great! Then it was worth the risks! At least something!

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The thing that normally strikes me on this very day, doesn’t seem to be an issue this year. How fascinating how fast life can change! Actually, maybe it’s something else this year. Maybe, it’s helping people to get some kind of a routine back into their lives. A reminder about how life was once before this virus thing took over the world. And if it gives people back a kind of normality, then well, what does it matter!

Sure, we could argue that opening the stores for this very day is increasing the risks of spreading the virus, and honestly, I can understand people complaining about this, because maybe just maybe their stores need to stay shut. But the thing is, that those lockdown rules are just not really fair anyways! I am not against it! But I would have done it differently. Sure, always an easy thing to say, when you do not have any responsibility. But I just don’t get it! How is it possible, that I can’t go to a hair dresser, but need to cut my way through the endless people in the supermarket. Can someone explain? Why can’t a hair dresser open 24 hours a day, allowing only one client every 30 minutes? Is that really a problem? I guess so! At least some people think that way!

But let us not go down this road again! Valentines day is supposed to be a good day! It’s a day of celebration! It’s a day of not being alone! At least for the people who are actually not alone. For all the others, it’s as frustrating as every year! But it is always like this! So, it doesn’t hurt that much! It is a reminder of how incompetent you must be! Nearly six years of being single, I must be terrible at this! Or, really busy doing other things.

I know, you do not ask me, but if you do, here is what you should have done instead of getting those flowers!

Showing another person that you care about them, doesn’t mean to buy a flower or whatever else you might have bought. It’s the gesture that counts, true! But it needs to be the right gesture! It needs to be something that actually shows that you care! That you have invested some serious thoughts and came up with the best possible solution! And that’s most of the time not a flower! But if it is, lucky you!

I will now going back underneath my blanket, crying out my existence as a helpless single.

See you next time!

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