#595 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E4 – ONE SIMPLE IDEA

One simple idea. That is all it takes. But God damn it, is it hard to figure this one idea out!

With today being the first day of the year 2021 in which I will not work on the master thesis, I have finally some brain capacity left for all the other things in life. Soon, my time as a student will be over. Soon, I will be ready to hit the road! Not literally of course due to COVID-19, but more metaphorical. I am ready for having my first real job! My first real position.

I can already see the money streaming in through the door. But wait a second, wasn’t there something I need to do first? Oh, right! I need to find a job!

Looking for a job I haven’t found, it feels like this is a good moment to think about entrepreneurship and business. Do you know these moments, when suddenly life makes no sense? Just for a couple of seconds of course? This moment when it feels like everything is falling apart? When it feels like we are having a glimpse of the endlessness space that surrounds us. It’s just this moment. Gone by now. You have them as well? Someone? Please tell me you had! We think from one thing to the other and then, BAAAMMMM, everything seems to make sense, but the conclusion, mind blowing.

Everything in this world is not there because it is meant to be there. It’s just there because of the actions of fellow man. Some might say, this world is focusing too much on money. Well, we can’t blame them! Indeed, there are a lot of people just looking for one thing! And sure, it’s neither the gold at the end of the rainbow nor the honey in the streets!

We trade our valuable time for a piece of the cake. We want to make the time in between working more comfortable. Seems like a pretty old fashioned way of living, don’t you think? But how do we escape this endless spiral? How do we get out of the system?

One simple idea! This might be everything that it takes! But it needs to be something useful, of course! Something people need! Something people desire! But wait! There is more! It also needs to be safe, looking good and feeling great! It needs to be practical! Not too pricy! And of course made from high quality! But it doesn’t need to be an actual thing! It doesn’t need to be a physical object! I doesn’t need to be something people can carry around! It just needs to generate some kind of an income! Money? Ideas? Thoughts? Friendships? Happiness?

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At the end of the day, happiness is not paying the bills, is it? Therefore, of course we need to make money! But we, the people, we do not talk about money! That’s not what you are supposed to do! And so, we go through life earning money, sure! But maybe not in a very efficient way.

It would be so easy. You solve an issue. You make something less stressful. You make life easier! At least a bit?

Just look at the way you spend your money. Where or with what do you have those moments when you are paying the bill no matter what? When do you have those moments when you are checking the price five times before buying? When do you feel good about purchasing something and when do you feel bad?

It might sound too simple, too easy! But indeed, this is where our journey begins! How likely is it that people will buy something from you? Mr or Mrs nobody? How likely is it, that anybody will buy my first book once it is finished? Exactly! That’s the reason why it takes a bit more than just having a good idea! The idea is something, sure, but without the right background, even the best idea in the world can not have success.

In this world, we are not supposed to fail! We are not supposed to make mistakes. To just try something out and see where this is leading us towards. No! Stop this nonsense! Go and get a job, they say!

And sure, a job is great! But it’s not everything! It’s just one part of the equation. It’s the safety net some of us need. And with some of us I mean definitely myself! I can just sleep better!

The thing about starting your own thing isn’t as easy as all of the people out there pretending. It’s not that simple. Just do these ten steps, or attend at this course or the other one. No! If you want to survive in this modern world, you need to invest more thoughts into the equation! There are just so many things you need to consider, so many mistakes you can avoid!

Just having this one simple idea? Well, it’s just not enough!

See you next time!

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