#594 20 minutes writing challenge #45 – JOB, NO JOB, JOB

ONCE IN A LIFETIME – Talking heads

All I want for Christmas is a Porsche, ehmm a job of course! The problem? Christmas isn’t really in sight, is it?

With the end of my master program coming dangerously close, I still do not have found a job yet. Sure, I was just applying at 10 or so companies in between doing my master thesis, but still, I was not even invited for a job interview or something like that yet, can you believe it?

Well, I guess we can call this the moment when you realize, that whatever you did at university is not necessarily helping you out there in the cold and cruel place we all call home. But sure, here I am! Has someone a good job for me? Anyone? No? Oh! COVID-19? Right! Of course! Yes! Stop moving on! Stop investing into your business! Just let it die! Good idea!

The truth is, who can afford to hire new people these days? Not that many companies, right? Right! So the jobs that are out there, well, they are looking for work experienced people. And definitely not for graduate students. I can understand, honestly! But still, I need a job, right?

It’s funny to think about it, but isn’t that totally stupid? Looking for a job? To trade in your valuable time for some money? Hmm, maybe I should reconsider my options here. But I need a job, right? There can’t be a gap in my CV! I just need to do something! I need to earn money! I need to have something in my life to complain!

The thing is, I just do not look for a job like all the others out there. I do not want trade my most valuable time for money. I want to do interesting projects. I want to work in a team! I want to get up with a smile on my face because I can drive to work and outperform the competition with our team. I am looking for a higher purpose in life, not a nine to five job. Sure, I might have a different mindset than 99% of the people out there, but the companies will not notice! They are just looking for, well I do not even know what. But apparently not for me!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Therefore, is it time to create my own job? To start making money on my own? Offering the world something that it needs? I guess I can try part time, but still, there needs to be a main job here! I need to work on my skills! I need to gain even more knowledge. I need to learn by doing mistakes.

Today, I do not have found my job yet. But tomorrow, well, maybe I have found it! Or not? Is this meant to be? Should I take the time and finish my book? Well, maybe that’s a sign! Or maybe it’s not! Who knows? Do you you know? What would you do?

See you next time!

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