#593 Project W (Double you) – S4 E1 – READY FOR AN UPDATE

You might know what I am talking about. You get this annoying notification form time to time on your phone or computer. There has been a new update released, please install version XYZ tonight!

But why are there updates for our phones, computers, smart watches or even cars, but not for our lives?

What a stupid question, right? Because nobody is programming our lives, of course! Nobody is working on that! Why should they? But that’s the thing, right? What if there is an update for your life, but you just have not yet installed it properly?

I have started this project on the 15th of September 2019 with a clear mission in mind. I wanted to create something special. Something unique. Something that is not supposed to exist. A program that will make you enhance your performance in basically anything that you are doing! How? Through strategies, methods and the right guidance towards success.

Well, with the years rushing through, this thing is still not yet the end boss strategy, we are all have been waiting for! Correct? I guess it is not! But well, this program is at least on its way! And honestly, it helped me quite a lot already.

With my new life starting any time soon, this project will also go into the next round! Welcome to the season four of Project W (Double you)!

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Having talked about a lot of general stuff already, this new season will focus specifically on the every day usability of methods and strategies with which we can make life more easy and actually better.

Because at the end of the day, this is the only thing that really matters, right? How can we make our life today a little bit better than it was yesterday or the day before that! Constant improvements, actually a very hard thing to do. But once you understand how, well, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult any longer.

Project W (Double you) is just that, a new kind of lifestyle. It’s for people that want more in life than just the usual nonsense! It’s for people that want to challenge themselves. For people that are looking for a higher purpose in this mess. For people that have goals and dreams. For people that do not want to stop here, but instead move even further! Stepping over the line of what seems to be possible! Creating the life we want. From the bottom up! For us, there is nothing that can limit us! Sure, they can put obstacles in our way! But we will just climb over, or drive around them! As easy as that!

In this season, we want to make things easier, more practical and closer to the topics and situations that are really going on in our lives. From the good moments to the bad moments. From the positive things to the negative ones. From the stuff we are used to do, to new things we should do more often.

Stay tuned for more!

See you next time!

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