#592 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E7 – How to keep a positive mindset

Sometimes, life is difficult. Sometimes, life is hard. But we, we are not supposed to loose our faith! We are meant to move on! To push through! To keep on running no matter what!

Dealing with setbacks is something we do not actually learn in this 21st century modern society. We get born as winners! As being someone special! Only later on in life we realize, that in the end, we are not that special anyways. We are different, maybe! But special? I don’t know.

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With me looking for a job these days, it’s just really frustrating. In this world, we have learned to give our best! To have good grades, to study hard for the tests! But how comes, that all of that is suddenly not that important any longer? I have good grades, of course I have them! But companies these days are not looking for graduates. They are either do not look for new people anyways, or for people with a lot of work experience. And honestly, I can even understand this! But it doesn’t solve my problem, right?

Never giving up? Of course not! I applied at my most favorite racing team a couple of month ago for the third time in 2 years. Well, I did not got a job yet, but I will keep on trying, right?

The goal is not to loose your head. Not to drift off into the danger zone. Just keep a cool head, they say! But easier said than done! But it’s the right thing of course. We tend to think too much. We allow our minds to go from one thing to the other. But that’s not very practical, is it?

I could freak out right now! I could complain about how bad everything is! But is it really that way? Sure, I have not yet found a job. But I also have some time left. And even if I do not find a job right now, who cares? I have saved up so much money, I will survive anyways! And there we have it, suddenly, not having a job doesn’t sound too bad. In fact, I would have lot’s of time! I could finish my book, sun bathing next to the pool, doing more sport and practicing on my racing simulator all night long! I guess, I should rethink the job thing.

But I am just kidding of course! The only thing I wanted to show you is, that it is always a matter of perspective! Of course we can give up. Make ourself even smaller and disappear behind our problems, fears and worries. But that’s like cutting your own arm off. It is very unpractical and hurts as hell! Therefor, don’t do it! Don’t hide! Instead, step forward and try it again! And again! And again! Audi did not wanted me. Well, that’s a fact. But I can still go to BMW and kick Audi’s ass! And honestly, that’s the spirit we need, right?

If they don’t want me, well, they don’t deserve me! I will find something better! I will do something better! I will make them regretting their decision! And wow, does that feel good! The Audi rejection email from this morning doesn’t even hurt that much any longer! In fact, it gave me more motivation to keep on going!

In life, everything is so simple. Why? Because we can control so much! Sure, we think that we are so small, weak and unimportant. But the thing is, so feel all the others out there! For sure, the Audi guys could decide over my future today and I couldn’t do anything against it! But that doesn’t mean that they have the power. In fact, they might be in a more difficult situation than I am. They need to pick out of a couple of thousand applications the right people and if they fail, picking some idiots, their own job will be on the line.

You see, the perspective matters!

How to keep a positive mindset? It might be easier than you think! Just look at the bigger picture and ask yourself what this actually means to you.

For sure, I could be sad about not getting a chance at Audi. But I can also be happy because I do not move to a different place and can stay here in paradise. Or even better, I will keep on looking for a job, finding an even better one! Or, not finding a job but creating my own business. And well, if one of those things happen, I guess I need to thank Audi in the end!

Your mindset is not God given! You have created it on your own! And if you want to, you can change your mindset at any point of your journey! And if you do not believe me, look at my past or the one of any other person that wanted a change. It’s possible as long as you believe in yourself!

See you next time!

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