#598 Learning – S3 E2 – Tell me how!

“Just learn it, God damn it! Where is the point in wasting too much time thinking about it?”

But wait a second! Wasting some of your valuable time to prepare yourself for what is about to happen sounds actually like a pretty good idea!

As stated out last time, you can’t know it all. That’s just not very practical, even if it makes an awesome party trick! I know. But there is one thing to understand. You were not born with a brain limitation. It’s not like some of us are the iPhone Pro’s with 512 GB while others got only the lighter 64 GB brain version. Assuming this is just wrong and whoever claims that it is really like that, well, it’s probably just an excuse!

There are thousands of examples out there that clearly show, that learning is a matter of technique, experience and understanding what you do and not a matter of good genes or a photographic memory.

In the end, we can all learn how to learn. You don’t believe me? Well, then read “Moonwalking with Einstein” and the book will show you how!

The thing in life is always the same We, the people, want and want and want even more. But actually doing something in order to get it? Naa! Are you crazy? At the end of the day it will not even work! But that’s the thing. Most of the time we do not try. We do not think that something is possible, we do not believe in our own capabilities. We let others keep us small.

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

I could tell you how to learn, and I already did a couple of times in this series, but in the end of the day, you need to find the right techniques on your own. You need to invest some time and see where this is leading your towards. Sure, there are some tricks that always work, but even those are just techniques you will forget.

If you personally think, that learning is a thing for you, well, then finally start to understand how it is properly done! Is that really so difficult to understand?

There was a time when I had no clue about learning. I would just repeat stuff until eternity. But then, one day, I understood how stupid that actually was. But we always tend to do this. We just do something, see that it kind of works and see no point in improving. That’s why there are so many people out there that can’t even speak English properly, or drive a car, or do all the other things in life. But people, they can’t! Why? Because they do not risk anything in life. Either you can proof that it will work to 100%, or I am out of here. But honestly, it’s always up to you if it will work or not! It’s not the technique!

Just imagine you want to learn how to drift a car. There are people out there who can do it! Obviously! But does that mean, that you can do it as well? YES! That’s the point! But just because someone can do it, it doesn’t mean that they can show you how to do it! Because maybe just maybe, the way they do it, is just not the way you need to do it. So, either you want to learn it, then you will not stop until mastering it, or you don’t. But we know the outcome of this already!

Telling you how you are supposed to learn something is just wrong. It’s against anything learning stands for. If you are not yet ready for it, well, then maybe you are in a couple of years. But hopefully, it will not be too late by then!

See you next time!

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