#605 Fascination PORSCHE – S1 E7 – One day…

One day …

A lot of dreams start like that. But how many of our dreams turn into reality one day?

In this ever changing environment out there, we are seeking for a safe haven. A place where we belong. Routines, habits, all of that is giving us support. But deep inside of us, it’s the dreams that motivate us to stay in the game.

To own a Porsche one day doesn’t need to be just that, a silly dream. It can also become a goal! A definite chief aim in life, as Napoleon Hill would have described it.

I guess the marketing guys from Porsche can be proud, but it’s not their fault entirely. I mean, I tend to do not like the up to date model range anyways. They are too clumsy, too wide, to inharmonious in their design language. But what do I know, right?

It’s my dream, of course and not yours! It’s just my opinion that matters! At the end of the day, I need to be satisfied! Not my neighbors, colleagues or whoever. One day I can call it mine. The question is not if I will reach this goal or not, the question is just when.

Deciding to do something in life and actually doing it are two different pairs of shoes. But I tend to combine those fields effortlessly. The decision, long taken. Now it’s just doing the right things at the right time that stands between me and my Porsche. Some people might not understand. For them, it’s just a car. But for us, it’s more than just a car, right? It’s more than the sum of its parts. At least to a certain extent!

It’s a Porsche for Christs sake! Don’t you understand!?

But they are right of course, indeed, it’s just a car! It has four wheels, a steering wheel and some pedals. Just what you would expect from a car! But still, it hurts so much to call it that way. And true, deep inside of us we know, that it is more than just a car. Even if we complain about it being so expensive. And God, is it expensive.

But it’s a lifestyle choice of course! It’s something you do not even need. Some might even go as far as describing it as unpractical. But no, no, no! That’s not true! That can’t be true! Don’t you see? Those beautiful curves? The way it accelerates into the night? The way it cuts through the air effortlessly!

The thing about cars is just that, either you get the message and develop a burning desire to one one of them one day, or you do not even understand what I am trying to tell you today.

In life, it’s always up to us. It’s our decisions that shape us to who we have become. But it’s also our next decisions that will define who we will become in the future. If you understand this, no goal can ever be too hard to reach. It’s just a matter of time, hard work and sweat.

I will get my dream car one day, that’s already chiseled in stone, the question is just when.

Believe in yourself and follow your inner voice, it will always be the right path for you.

See you next time!

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