#606 Writing – S1 E9 – Writing as a kind of therapy?

At least I would agree. Writing is indeed a way of dealing with yourself. It gives you time to think, to use your brain, to focus on certain situations.

Independently from what you write, fiction or not fiction, you will still somehow manage to deal with your own problems and worries in life. Or is there someone out there who can separate that strictly from one another? At least I can’t do that. And so, some kind of an emotional connection is always to be found.

But the thing is of course, that writing can be more than just the process of typing in some words with your fingers. The question is, can writing become a kind of a therapy?

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And I totally agree. Indeed, writing is a kind of therapy. It allows you to redirect your thoughts. It lets you rediscover your past, your present and your future. It opens a portal to another world. Your world. But for sure, mixing those together is always stated as a bad thing. Something we are not supposed to do. The movie inception gives a good example for that. But what is an healthy approach towards things? Where is the line we shouldn’t cross?

It’s a question I can not answer yet. My texts are, at least besides the master thesis, not that long and therefore never a big deal, even if they get too personal from time to time. But I guess that shouldn’t be the norm. Writing is a way of dealing with things. I see this in my personal life every single day, but I also see this out there in the World Wide Web.

The question that arises is of course the following. Should we use writing as a form of therapy? As a way to communicating our emotional rollercoaster ride? Should we process these things on a higher level? More therapeutically in a horizontal position? The 21st century is showing us different approaches towards thing. There is twitter for yelling out something, or instagram to fake your life until your inner self has accepted your new most glamorous lifestyle. But is that really dealing with things? Solving the problems we have?

At the end of the day it will always be up to us. It’s never a question about what we should or shouldn’t do. It’s a question about what we want to do.

Life is for living. For chasing after dreams and do exactly the things you want to do. Therefore, we should all stop chasing after the wrong things in life and finally do our own thing.

At least for me, writing is a daily therapy session. I talk about the things that are running through head. I think about stuff that is just going on around me. And sure, it helps a lot to gather my thoughts and get a broader understanding for what is really going on in my life.

The thing about writing is that there are no limitations. Technically and practically you are free to say or do anything you like.

You can change the time, the laws of physic, your name, basically everything. But it doesn’t even stop there. You can do whatever you want. You can create your own language, build up your own fantasy world and stuff like that. But normally we do not have this wide open perspective. Our minds are narrow minded. We run in one direction only, neither looking left nor right. We talk ourself small. We forget about our dreams. We stop believing in ourselves. We stop to exist as an individual personality.

Writing is my daily therapy session I definitely need. Writing gives me the chance to gather my thoughts. To stop running for a moment and looking left and right as a way of figuring out my current location. Writing can help us to slow things down. To forget about the things that normally run around in our little heads.

Writing is great. It’s for free, it has no limitations and if something is rather good or bad is always a matter of perspective. Isn’t that the perfect combination? Isn’t that a secret formula to success these days?

Free, limitless, difficult to identify as good or bad?

What we need is to stop worry too much, but instead just live our dreams. Easier said than done, true. But if you do not start, how are you supposed to reach your goals one day in the future. But maybe that is just me. Maybe I am the only one that is looking for more in life than just that. Financial freedom? Independence? True, sounds good. But life is not about that! Life is about you and your mental health. Are you ok with whatever you are doing? Are you satisfied?

As you can see, this conversation with myself can go on forever. But the interesting thing about it? It helped me to escape from reality. In the last 30 minutes my mind was free. There were no doubts entering my mind. No fears about not finding the job I want. There was just me, my head and empty space in the blog post page in front of me. The page has been filled, my mind reoriented. If that wasn’t a successful therapy session, I do not know what a professional psychologist could have done better in those 30 minutes. At least I still have my money. That’s a plus!

Have fun writing! It’s worth the time you will spend! Believe me! Even if it doesn’t look like that in the beginning.

See you next time!

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