#612 Racing is life – S5 E6 – BASICS – THE MINDSET YOU NEED

In life there are only two ways how to do things. Either you commit to something with everything you got, or you do not!

If you have a dream and a burning desire to reach your goals any time soon, you need to have the right mindset. There is no life hack around that!


It might sound funny, but it might help to repeat it over and over again until you understand!

Write down who you want to be, but then do not stop! You have to become the person you want to become!

It sounds so easy, but is in fact as easy as it sounds. You say: I want to own a Porsche one day in the future. Great! Cool! But you will most likely do not reach your goal! Why? Because that is not enough! Because you need to be more specific? No! That’s not it, even if a lot of people will tell you that! What you need to do is to become your goal! You need to step over the line of what seems to be possible and accept your goal on a much deeper level. Your goal needs to become a part of your personality. Your goal needs to become you!

For years I did not understand! I have just done what those people said! Look at your vision board at least two times a day. Do this, do that! But that’s wrong! For what do you need a vision board? You do not need one! Why? Because you will become your vision board.

In the beginning, I did not understand. I was looking at this thing two times a day for years. But today, almost four years later, I understand. You will not just reach those goals, they are what you will become! But you need to start in your head! You need to start with your mindset! You need to start now!

Am I a race car driver? No! Of course not! I was never on a race track, I was never in a real race car. I was never racing in real life. But that is not important! It’s not important what was in the past. That’s just history already! It is also not important what will happen in the future. It’s just the moment that counts! The here and now! This is the thing you should focus on! What can you do right now in order to reach your goals!

I am a race car drive! I think like one! I drive like one! I practice like one! I do my workouts like one! In my head, I have already reached my goal! But the interesting thing is that once your goal becomes a part of your identity. Something magically happens. You will forget over time, that there was a life without those goals! Your life will change so dramatically, but you will not even notice. Because that is just your new normal life. That is just who you are.

Every meter I drive, I always drive as perfectly as possible! I drive as clean as possible, on the perfect line, just like I imagine a race car driver would do it. I agree, this might sound silly and sure, your environment might not be ready for the whole story yet! But you will see, over time, even they will understand.

It is really fascinating to observe, but in fact, your life will change! Just have a look at my vision board again and compare everything on that thing with my current life. This thing is describing me perfectly, even though that I was a totally different person four years ago when I created it. My life has changed! I have changed! And so can you!

If you want to get going in life, your goals need to become you! You need to become your goals! If you do not understand that! If you do not believe in yourself! You will never reach your goals! That is just impossible!

Create a vision board! Sure! But do not waste too much of your time with dreaming! You need to become whatever is on that thing. Look! I wanted to get going in writing. Sure, with this blog I reached that goal already! But interestingly it took me two years until finally starting it! Don’t wait two years! Please! Start today! It will be worth the effort! It will be worth the time! It will be worth it! Trust me! One day, you will understand!

The secret about life? There is no secret! You can become everything you want! But you need to want it really badly! You need to be willing to invest time! A lot of time! But it will be worth it! Trust me!

See you next time!

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