#613 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E8 – Reorganizing life

When one chapter ends, another one begins.

That’s just how it is. That’s just what life is all about. Moving on, improving, taking the next steps.

If you want to move on or not is not sometimes not really a matter of choice. Things just happen. Deal with it.

But once we have reached such a point in life, we should use the moment for a little reorganization. We should analyze our current life. We should check on our current goals. We should look ahead into the future and plan the next steps.

But how do we do something like that? We can’t know what the future will bring, can we? No! Of course not! But we can influence the future. We can change the future. We can have, whatever future we want.

But reorganizing life doesn’t necessarily mean to change everything at once. This is of course just a process that will take its time. Reorganizing life means to figure out the changes, not implementing them all at once.

With the end of my master program at university, a new chapter has already begun. A chapter of life I have waited for so long. Finally, I am done with all that studying stuff. The exams, the stress, the whatever it is. Interestingly, but definitely not surprisingly, it doesn’t feel as great as I have expected it to be. I am free now! Finished! Done! But now I have exchanged my old problems with new ones.

I need to find a good job. I need to make a career. And so many other things are rushing through my head. The new chapter? Maybe even more difficult than the one before?

But the thing is of course to keep a cool head. Sure, each and every chapter in life might bring with it new challenges and tasks. But isn’t that what we love about life? The unexpected things in between all the routines? Special moments?

Reorganizing life is an ongoing process. Reorganizing life is a slow process. You might start today, but you might not finish it tomorrow.

Who do you are? Where do you want to go? Why are you here? What is your task?

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Questions in life are a tricky thing. We can never make sure that we are on the right path already. There is no correct answer written somewhere to check. You need to come up with your own solutions.

That we can reach anything is something you should have already learned. But anything doesn’t mean everything! You can do a lot of things, but you can’t do all. Time is limited. Your time is already ticking.

Use those moments to reflect on your doing. It might sound strange. It might sound like a lot of work! But it is definitely worth the time “wasted”!

Tell me what you do and I tell you who you are.

And this is not only related to what kind of a job you currently have. This is related to your share of the 24 hours, a day can offer. Whatever you do, will have an impact on who you become. That’s just logical and doesn’t require any proof. If I write an online blog every single day, I become a blogger. No matter how hard I fight against it, that’s just how it works. Therefore, do not just use your time wisely, but also don’t do the things you do not want to become. Makes sense? I hope it does!

Figure out what you are already doing! Figure out what you avoid doing by all means. And change that once and for all.

“But that’s the tricky part! Come on! I know that I need to change. But the thing is, I can’t!”

Henry Ford once said: “If you think you can or you think can’t. You’re right!” And right he was. It all starts in our heads. It all starts now! Who stands between you and your goals? You! We are limiting ourselves. All the time! You don’t believe me? Pick any goal you like and write down ten reasons why you haven’t reached this goal already. You see? It’s just up to you. You did not invested the time, the money, the effort. But you do not have the time or the money? Why don’t you have it? Because you have decided to spend it otherwise.

A friend of mine, a smoker, always told me one thing over and over again. “Of course it (referring to smoking) costs a lot of money, but you will just spend it differently!” And right he was! In fact, money is there to spend it. To invest it. To make something with it. To get something from it! But it’s not that we have a lack of money. We are just spending it differently. We are just investing it differently.

Whoever you want to become, if you do not invest the resources in the way you should, you will be the reason why you did not make it. Of course you can talk about reaching so many goals in your life, but talking about that will not get you pretty far. It’s the doing, that is so important. But of course we know that! The thing is, it makes just more fun to talk, right?

Reorganizing life doesn’t need to be a 180° change of your life. There is no need to walk into the other direction entirely. But maybe you can change your current course a little bit? Sure, a change of one degree might not sound like a lot, but believe me, it already is.

Reorganizing life is something we should do from time to time.

When the everyday life is pulling us back into the old pattern. When we tend to have a lack of motivation to keep on going. Then it’s time for a little change. Failing to keep on doing something doesn’t mean failure. It is just “temporary defeat”, as Napoleon Hill would describe it. But I would even go as far as saying, if you fail, your approach was just not the right one. Just try something new! If you really want something, life will offer it to you! But you need to take it, right?

Life is this interesting thing. There are so many people out there running after their dreams, but so little that seem to reach all of them. What makes those people special? What do they have that others don’t?

There is not such a thing as the perfect strategy for life. But there are multiple approaches and strategies that will work at certain times. And honestly, that is all we need. We do not need to see the whole way from our current point in life until the end goal somewhere up the hill. The next one hundred meters or so are more than enough.

Every day counts.

I can not say that often enough! But it’s the truth. Just do something every day and you will see, it has an impact on you and your life! There is no way around that!

Reflect on your doing. Look for improvements. Change your life.

See you next time!

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