#619 Discipline – S2 E12 – The Process – The perfect Mindset

Do you have the perfect mindset? Are you in control of your life? Do you need google to figure out what procrastination means? Yes? Wow! Impressive! Your life must be awesome! But reality doesn’t look like this, does it?

The perfect mindset can not exist!

Nobody can have a perfect mindset. That’s just not how life works. We all start to worry at some point, or start doubting our abilities at another. That’s just how things are. We have this dream, this vision of a brighter future. We know exactly what we want! But that is not all it takes! That’s just the start. In order to move on, we need to move on! To take the next steps! To step outside of our comfort zone! We need to take action! NOW! We need to step forward and let everything else behind us!

But who can do this from one day to the other? No-one? Exactly! Working on your mindset is like teaching a 7 year old how to solve complex mathematical equations. Our attention span is highly limited. “OBAMA!”, we are getting distracted just like this and we seem to forget about what we wanted to do in the first place anyways.

But how close can we actually get to a perfect mindset?

50 %? 80 %? 90 %? 99 %? There is no real answer for this! It always depends! But how close can we get if we are really trying?

Three years back in time I had an idea. I thought that isolating myself from destructive thoughts would have a benefit on my mindset. And so, I tried to delete everything from my life that would have some kind of an negative effect on my mind. I stopped watching the news and being up-to-date, I stopped doing thing I don’t wanted to do and focused instead just on me and my goals. Sure, I would stay single for a while, that was the negative side effect, but besides that, life was pretty much awesome and indeed, I got closer to the 100 %, than I thought I could get.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio on Pexels.com

But nevertheless, a perfect mindset, that’s just not something we can actually achieve. We can get close if necessary, at least for a while! But that requires a lot of effort and a compromised life we don’t really want to have.

At the end of the day, it’s just not important to have a perfect mindset anyways! A good mindset is more than enough for reaching all our goals. We just need to accept that there might be good days and bad days coming our way and prepare us for those accordingly.

Nobody get’s up every morning with the best mood in the world, but there are people who have bad days, and people like me. We just get up and do our job no matter what. I just do my blog every single day no matter what! That’s what I want, that what a daily blog is supposed to be, that is what I do!

Discipline is a thing you can learn, the right mindset will help you to get through the learning part and actually implement it into your every day life.

See you next time!

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