#620 Life Coaching – S1 E14 – DREAM HIGH ENOUGH

Sometimes we wonder, are our goals in life too high, too unrealistic, too far away from who we are?

When it comes to defining goals, we always need to find a compromise. On the one hand, those goals shouldn’t be within reach of what we can already accomplish, but on the other hand they shouldn’t be too far away either. And so, we are jumping back and forth like a kangaroo on cocaine, trying to settle down with our goals somewhere in the middle.

The biggest mistake related to that topic? Having no goals of course! Just living into the days and seeing what life can offer? That’s not what we want! That’s not why we are here! Therefore, please, by all means, define some goals! And sure, it doesn’t need to be the A-typical millionaire thing, or the private jet, or anything like that! You can define your goals in the way you want! No matter how small or smilingly unimportant it seems. If you want something, by all means go ahead and prepare everything you can in order to reach it. But if there is one thing you should always have in the back of your head, it is this!


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A common mistake is to do not know what you really want! Sure, you have some good ideas for a brighter future. You want to have a sports car, a house, or even multiple ones. But those are just physical objects. What about your other goals in life? Which skills do you want to acquire? Which challenges successfully finish?

Most of the time we tend to forget about the long run. We focus on what we would like to have right now! We say: “I want to become a race car driver and off we go trying everything we can to reach it!” But that’s not very specific, is it? Do you want to participate in one race? One season? Or in the next forty seasons? And believe it or not, but it makes a difference! Not only financially wise, but also in the time commitment it will need and the way you should do things. If your goal is not really out of reach, sure, it’s more likely that you will accomplish it, but is that even what you want? Do you really want to be a race car driver? Or do you want to be able to drive a car at its limit? What is it that you want? The media attention, the race against the clock, the thrill doing something dangerous? In order to define your goals in life, you should know what your higher purpose is! Always! You want a sports car? Why? What is it that you want? The feeling to have a sports car? The looks you get from others? The feeling that you know, you could?

Dream high enough doesn’t only mean to set the bar high in life, it also means to define your true end goals. What is it, that your really want? Where does this dream come from? What do you want to achieve?

Defining goals isn’t as easy as it might seem! Especially not over time. People change, we change, situations change, circumstances change. You might have a clear vision of how your future life will look like, but one single decision can turn your whole life upside down. That’s just how life is! You can never know! Always remember, life is short!

And so, we need to adapt our goals. We need to keep ourself on the right track, chasing after the things we really want, not after the things we once wanted when we were much younger. Do you have goals? Can you step forward and tell us what you will achieve? Good! But can you also tell us how? Can you tell us what you will do today, in order to reach your goals?

Dream high enough doesn’t necessarily mean to always reach for the stars, but it means to reach for the things you really want, not just what would be nice to have.

See you next time!

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