Isn’t it fascinating how time is flying these days? It really feels like it was just last week when I have started the next big project in my life. My first book #1. But what has happened so far in the last year? What is the current status of the project and when will this thing be finished?

That time is flying isn’t a surprise to anybody, but the older we get, the faster it seems to be running by! Is it really already a year? Crazy! I have started this thing on the 07.03.2020 and now we are already in 2021.

With me finishing my master program at university recently, I was of course quite busy from time to time. In fact, all started a little bit different than expected. With the summer semester getting pushed back due to the COVID-19 that started to be a thing in Germany in March 2020, I got a time window of approximately 7 weeks in which I wanted to get going in my book and therefore started the whole thing. Well, little did I know, that they would change their plans soon afterwards and actually starting the semester in the home office mode online. And with that, of course I needed to focus on my semester.

So the project did not really got a longer time period than about two weeks of continues writing and was after that more like a weekend writing adventure. Being a person that needs to have a free schedule in order to do such creative things perfectly, that was of course a problem. I needed around an hour to dive back into the topics, but wouldn’t have more like two – three hours before going back to university stuff. And sure, don’t forget, I write a daily blog as well. So, it’s not that I get up focusing on the book instantly, but instead need to write my daily blog posts first. Meaning, that before I even start with the book, I have at least spend another hour of my time writing already.

With the summer semester went by pretty quickly from home, I started to do my master thesis full time at a company. Therefore, I was working now and technically had some time off. But, and this is important to say, the master thesis consumed quite some time. I mean, I like writing and therefore wanted this thing to become as perfect as possible. Therefore, I spend lots of hours improving chapters that were already pretty good. And to be honest with you, after spending 8 hours writing for the master thesis and at least one for the daily blog, how high is the motivational level for continuing writing for the book! Right! There is no motivation left and so I put that project on hold again and again.

With the master thesis finished and the presentations done, I need to just wait until getting my results from the university. And so, of course as you would expect, I have started to be back in the game of writing my book.

129 hours and 25.000 words. That’s the current status of the project.

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But, and this is important to say, the book is quite something else, at least compared to normal books. Therefore, the amount of words is not really a good indicator, because the thing will be as short as possible. Meaning that I go over chapters again and again, making them as short as possible.

What do I even write about? A good question, isn’t it? Every book needs to have a certain topic! And sure, how could it be otherwise, my book has a topic as well! And it is our lives. It is how to get going into the right direction, making the right choices and reaching whatever we want to reach. The book can be described as the greatest hits summery of what I am doing here online with the blog. But you will see, or rather hear more about it, once I am closer to the end.

Speaking about that, when will it be finished? A good question, really! The thing is, that this book is not as simple to write as some might expect. It’s not that you just write and write and write until it’s finished. I also need to test what I am doing. I need to figure out, if what I say is really what it seems to be. And so, it’s actually quite useful, that I had a lot of breaks in between. In the last year that has passed by, I changed, the world changed, my point of view changed and so, I am able to already see if certain thoughts have changed over time or not. Therefore, time is a valuable thing to make this right. And I guess it will take me a lot of time to finish it. But of course, it always depends on how my future will look like.

Where will I work? Will I find a girlfriend? How are the things going with my blog? And a lot of other questions like that! I do not know what the future will bring, but I know that this book project will be a part of it. And honestly, it makes just so much more fun! Writing this blog is cool as well, don’t get me wrong on that! But I have this pressure going on all the time. I need to write something I can post the other day. With the book, it’s something else. I can just go back in time and making it even better. I have worked on the introduction at least 500 times already and still, it’s not perfect! That’s just not what I can do with the blog of course! I would never publish anything. And therefore, it’s just something else. It’s a different type of writing. It demands a different kind of skills.

I create these blog posts out of nothing in less than an hour these days. With the book, I need much more time to get the same job done. But still, both kind of writing styles have their advantages. And so, it’s the combination that is so great! It’s the practice of different writing skills, that add to each other and make me improve even faster.

At the end of the day, even when the book will be finished once. It will not be finished after all. This is just the start. The beginning. Things will change! In your life, in my life, in everybody’s lives. And so, the book may need to adapt itself as well. But we will see how we can deal with those issues.

Final words for today? A book project sounds like a big thing. It sounds like something we are not supposed to do. But in fact, writing a book is just so simple if you have a closer look at it. You may just write and add one word to each other. How hard can that be? And in fact, it is not that hard after all. Sure, it’s not easy and demands a lot of motivation and discipline, but well, I have neither a lack of the one thing, nor of the other. I just keep on pushing until it is finally ready, and so can you!

See you next time!

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