How do we keep our mindset on point? How can we keep on pushing forward? Always working on our goals! Never giving up! Assuming that you already know what you want, dealing with your mindset is in fact the more difficult part of the equation. How can we keep up with our goals and make every day count?

Some people claim, that it all starts with the motivation you got. Your reasons behind doing what you do. And sure, this will have an essential impact on your mindset as well. But at the end of the day, your mindset is more than just that. Your mindset is a combination of so many different things. Starting from your personality and default setting and heading towards all those other things in your life. You are who you want to be. You are what you do.

You can become the person you want to become, it’s just a matter of time. But during that time, people seem to leave their path towards success. They quit, they do something else, they reorient themselves. Consistency. What your live urgently needs is this, a consistent approach towards things. You can’t become a race car driver today and an astronaut tomorrow. Man, you need to decide! But consistency doesn’t even stop with your end goal somewhere down the road. It also starts with your everyday life. Do you have a formed habits and routines that help you to get through the day? Or do you need to motivate yourself for literally everything all the time? Do you have developed a certain way how to do things, or do you just do it however you like?

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We look at experts in a special field and admire the way they have committed to certain things in life. But wait a minute, aren’t we supposed to do the very same thing? What? have you lost your mind? They are professionals! They are world class performer! We can’t compare ourself with them, can we? But who said that we can’t?

In this world, nobody will stay at the pinnacle of something for long. People get older, circumstances change, new rules get published. But looking at your personal goals, why don’t you compare yourself with a professional? Because that feels unrealistic? Because that is not what we are supposed to do?

Today, I want to talk about a change in your perspective. Some people wait for ages until life finally reveals its plans for your life. Are you one of those people? Are you waiting for this moment to come? In case you do, I guess you better take a seat. But this moment will never come! It’s not life that reveals the plan. It’s you that needs to decide what you want to do.

This life is all we got. Therefore, why don’t we use it?

Whatever you have been doing in the past was what? A successful journey towards your goals? A waste of time? Something in between? Whatever it was, the past is not important anyways. The only thing that counts is today. What have you done today, that has helped you to keep moving forward? What can you do today, that will change your life forever?

People do not seem to understand, but we are responsible for our own faith. We are holding the strings in our own hands. We decide on the next steps. We are the ones that are in control. Change the way you look at your life. Change the way you are doing things. Challenge your own doing. Ask the right questions. Try new things!

There is nothing worse in life than standing still and plateauing out. Being satisfied with where you are currently standing in life? Sure, always an option! But is that really what you always wanted in life? Is that really why you went through all of this? Look at your current life and tell me what you are missing. And then, simply add them to your life, one after the other.

People claim, that they do not know how to take the next steps. But the next steps are not important. The only thing that is important is today. Look at this life differently. This is all just a game. The rules? Sure, there are rules. But besides those, there are a lot of social norms and things we can break with! No! In fact, we need to break with!

The right mindset starts with challenges the status quo. Change the way you look at this world and you will see how simple things are in life. I write this blog every single day. Is that a hard thing to do? No! Of course not! Everybody can write for an hour a day. But added to one another, this has a huge impact on who I will become! Do I need to know how to reach my goals? No! But I need to work on my goals every single day! One step at a time. Come on! How hard can that be?

Just become a little bit better today, than you were yesterday.

See you next time!

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