#628 Racing is life – S5 E7 – BASICS – MOTIVATION

If there is one thing you will need, it is motivation. Motivation can be compared to the fuel, your car is running with. You can have the fastest car in the paddock, without fuel, it will not drive anywhere.

Motivation is this overrated thing nobody really understands. We listen to motivational music, sure, but that’s just a boost for the moment, isn’t it? In order to reach our goals, we need a lot of motivation. In fact, we need so much of it, we need to be able to generate it ourself. But how? And when? And what do we do if that doesn’t seem to be possible?

In order to do great things in life, you just need to keep on going. 100 pushups today? Cool! But 100 pushups a day for the next 100 days? Quite a difference! But how do we keep on going? How can we push through? At the end of the day, this might sound too easy, but it’s the thing that make a lot of fun, that we tend to repeat more often. Just have a look at your past ten years and tell me what you are still doing now and again. Therefore, if whatever you are trying to achieve doesn’t make any fun to you, well, we need to change that! But how?

In life, not everything can be joyful and the worlds best thing in the world, and sure, pick whatever you want, there are always some parts of it, that we do not really tend to like. You can imagine a dream job, like test driving Porsches on the Nürburgring all day long and still find some parts of the job that you do not like. But the goal is of course not to find something that is just pure enjoyment from the start to the beginning, but to understand that in order to reach your goals, it will be necessary for you to also push through the things that you might do not like after all.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Marc Anthony

Loving only the fun part of a job might not be the solution after all! We might end up working part time, at least if we take the quote literally. Sure, someone might just say, well, then love everything about it! As easy as that! But I don’t really think that this is possible. Of course, once we dive deep into something, everything can be fascinating and spectacularly interesting. But loving? That’s something else, right?

Know what you want! I guess that’s the thing we should start with. Just why? What is your reason behind doing it in the first place? If you have a good reason, it will be generating so much motivation, you might go through the first hour easily!

But then the motivation decreases. We start to feel tired, exhausted, demotivated. It has been a long day already! Can’t we do it tomorrow? Well, actually, yes, you could! But tomorrow means never, right? When it comes to the topic of motivation, you can’t over-pace. If you do that, you will cause more damage, than just having a break and do not do something after work, or for a rainy weekend in early spring.

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

Stay within of what seems to be possible. Not of what is possible, but within your personal limits. Some people stop too early! I agree! But others stop too late! The goal is not to achieve all of your goals today! Therefore, please! Take your time! What you need to focus on is a regular motivation dose, that helps you to get through the day!

Figure out how to motivate yourself! I have been talking about this already thousands of times in this blog, but so many people seem to do not know how to trigger themselves. They just have no clue about their actual potential. That’s like driving around in a sports car with 20 km/h all the time. Use your time, use your energy, use the momentum, use the motivation you can generate!

If you can’t motivate yourself, you just haven’t invested much time in it! Go back to work and get this thing done! It will help you not even in racing, but in all the other fields of life as well!

See you next time!

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