#629 Mediation 4.0 – S4 E1 – Don’t meditate

Do you meditate yourself? Do you take some time off just for you and your thoughts? Well, good for you. But does that even make sense? Is that really something we should do? Meditate?

What is the goal we have in mind when thinking about this topic? Is it a successful meditation session, or do we have something else in mind entirely? We want our thoughts under control! We want to free our heads! Sure, but what do we really want to achieve? Escaping our busy day to day life? Finding to ourself? Reconnect with Mother Earth?

The thing about meditations is, that it’s not real. It’s not the typical use-case scenario we really experience in our lives. Sure, everybody can meditate in a buddhist temple on the other side of the world, but in our day to day life, come on, how practical does it really is? Is your mediation experience helping you in any way during your life? Or is it a kind of an escape from reality? For me, it’s not working good, to be honest. In fact, it isn’t working after all.

I take some time off and work on this skill, sure, but that doesn’t mean that it is helping me in the moments when I can really need it. It’s not possible for me, to use these tools when needed. And well, why do I even do it, then?

If we have a look into this world, there may be at least a thousand of approaches and strategies towards this topic. Some say you are supposed to do it this way, others say the complete opposite. Well, for me, after all those years, it’s just not working. I just do not get the effect I was hoping for. Sure, that doesn’t mean that it can’t work for you. I am just saying that I need to change something here.

Sitting on an uncomfortable cushion in a strange body posture? That’s just not my thing, you know? And so, I will rethink the topic a little bit. I will stop my meditation practice all together and come up with something new. Not new entirely, of course, because I am sure that at least someone has tried it before. But new for me, at least.

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

In this new season, I will rethink the topic and start a new approach. I will no longer listen to what other people are doing and figure out my own way of doing it. Because at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. It needs to work for me, right? And so, we will take the next steps in order to finally figure out something that actually works for me and my ongoing brain.

But well, how do we do something like that? How can we make a clear cut and start all over again? I guess, just like that! I will stop doing my current meditation practice after all and question everything that I am doing in this area. I will just start right from the beginning, pretending that I do not know anything about the topic after all.

How will that work? I guess we will see it here on the blog. To be continued!

See you next time!

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