#630 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E9 – It’s All just about money

The whole world is build around one thing more than any other and that seems to be money.

But isn’t that just a matter of perspective? The way we look at things? While I see a dark blue Porsche 911 997.2 Carrera S, others might just see a car. And like in this very example, someone might get the impression that everything seems to turn around money, once a person is focusing too much on it.

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You might at least have heard about one person that is having a job just in order to earn money. What? What are they thinking!? This life is not about money! How dare you are! Passion is what should get you out of bed in the morning! Not money! And indeed, life could be so great! I close my eyes for a moment and imagine a better place. A world, in which people are just following their dreams no matter what. They are passion driven, enthusiastic, motivated! But then, I need to open my eyes again. Welcome to the 21st century.

Life, is about living. Your life, is about you! What you make out of life, is totally up to you!

Life is not just about money. But God damn it do we need money in order to have a life! Who is paying the bills at the end of the month? HEEEE!!! You? Will you pay for my bills, while I follow my passion? It might sound funny, but this is one of the trickiest things about life we need to understand. Of course we need some money. But money is not everything! In order to have a good life, without a doubt, we need money. But money doesn’t make a life any better, it makes a life just more bearable.

What we need to learn is the right way how to deal with money. But what is the right way how to deal with money?

We should have some of it, that’s for sure! In fact, we should have so much money, that it isn’t a thing to worry about after all. And once we are there, money is in fact not that big of a deal any longer. But how do we get there? And what is the right amount of it anyways?

The thing about money is, that the outcome doesn’t grow linear to the amount of money we have. Sure, having no money or a million dollars might be a huge difference. But the difference between having that very same gap between 10 million or 11 million seems to be smilingly small. Sure, the most of us do not have that much money sitting around anyways, but the effect is still the same. If you have monthly running costs of 600 dollars in order to survive, having 20.000 dollars might be a different sum to you, than to someone else who has monthly expenses of over 3.000 dollars. And so, you shouldn’t aim for a certain amount of money, but rather for a comfortable percentage of what you need. Your individual comfort level.

But how is this all related to passion, motivation and mindset? The thing about our financial situation is, that we have caused it with our own actions in the past. We might have saved up a lot of money, but we also might have spend it all for stupid things we did not even need after all. And so, the key to our financial freedom lies in ourself. It is our mindset towards money, it’s our motivation towards delivering more than we have asked for, it’s our passion that keeps us running. From the first thing in the morning to the last thing we do before saying good night. It is us that has an impact on our life more than we might suspect.

For sure, it’s all just about money. But we can decide what kind of an impact money can have on our life.

We can decide, if and how big of an impact money can have on our lives. Some people learn it from their parents, others later in life. But nevertheless, it’s always the same. It’s all up to us! Always! And that’s a fact! Of course you can tell me the saddest of stories you can come up with, but at the end of the day, it is always our own fault. It were always our decisions that led to one another. It is always us. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Just because all the people around you seem to have an unhealthy approach towards money, this doesn’t mean that you need to adopt that very same mindset! Take a second or two and ask yourself how your mindset towards is currently looking like. And if you are not satisfied with the outcome, well, then finally start changing something. It is that easy and it all starts in your head.

See you next time!

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