#633 Project W (Double you) – S4 E3 – A good reason

In life, we do hardly anything without a reason. We wouldn’t go to school, we would have a job, we wouldn’t pay taxes. But these are not the reasons we should focus on. Of course we have to do certain things and of course we do them. But today is more about us.

A good reason is like having a million dollars. It makes life easier. We feel more comfortable to tackle whatever comes our way. Generally speaking, we have an idea about the direction in which we want to go in life. But most of the time our reasons are not very good, or to state it in another way, are not going deep enough. We are just scratching on the surface, focusing too much on tomorrow and forgetting all about the next weeks, months, or years to come.

Photo by Jakub Novacek on Pexels.com

Our reasons might not be the best, but that doesn’t matter! We can have whatever reason we want. Money, fame, the looks from your envy neighbors? There are thousands of reasons I can imagine and at least a million more. But what makes a reason a good reason? And is a good reason even necessary?

It sounds funny, but the answer lies deep inside of us already. A reason alone might not be the strongest, but our connection to it will do the job. You are doing something only because of the money? Sure! But in reality, that is not the whole story behind your reason. You are not doing it for the money. You want to do something with the money. And that’s what you want! That’s your reason! That is why you are doing whatever you do! And sure, maybe it’s just the expectation to be able to buy something, or the feeling that you could!

But wait a second! You might protest! Is this really what is going on? Do we always have a reason for doing something? Sure, I understand where that question is pointing at, but no, today is not about what is good or what is bad in life. Today is just about our reasons. And believe me or not, but we have thousands of reasons, good ones, but also really bad ones! The thing we tend to forget is just this, if we do nothing without a reason, why don’t we use that and create reasons in order to do certain things we might not be able to do otherwise?

Just think about this for a little while. How awesome would life be, once we can find the motivation to do anything in life. From a certain diet to writing a book, from being less lazy and more focused on our goals. Can you imagine yourself with a superpower like this? Well, the truth is, you already have that superpower within you! The only thing is, you are not using it right now.

A 700 horse power car is not a guarantee to win, if you can’t handle it, you will loose the race anyways! Therefore, why don’t you start giving your life the reasons it needs? Why don’t you focus more on what you really want to do and less on what you are doing without even knowing why?

See you next time!

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