#634 20 minutes writing challenge #47 – LOCKDOWN

Hoch – Tim Bendzko

The song is in German, dude! What’s the point with that? But come on, that is not the real challenge these days, is it? Life can definitely offer the harder challenges.

“Hoch”, that means up! Going up! We are going up! Moving on! Always! Reaching the next level! That’s our endless spirit! That’s what we are meant to be! Always climbing up the hill! Overcoming obstacles! Move on, further and further!

That I look at life differently is one thing, but what the hell!? What is this out there? A lockdown? An endless lockdown? For how long do we even have it? Four month? Five? I can not even remember. Wearing a mask? As common as keeping the distance to people. Sure, as a long time single I am used to that, but come on! How is this supposed to end one day? A solution that does it for all? A tricky thing. I don’t really see that as an option. There will always be winners and losers.

But this situation is not entirely bad! There are also advantages waiting for the people who are looking for them! There is a change in the way we think, the way we look at this place called earth, the way we live our lives. This is a moment in someones life to finally change something. To push your life into a different direction. Further up! Like in this song!

Photo by Flo Maderebner on Pexels.com

If you have very low expectations in life, you will not be so disappointed not reaching them. But is that really an option for us? No! Definitely not! The thing is not to expect nothing from life, but the right things for you! Everything is possible in life, don’t get this wrong, but everything doesn’t mean literally everything at the same time. The day has only 24 hours!

Are you on the right path? Are you heading into the right direction? Are you satisfied with your life? Reaching your goals? Doing the stuff you always wanted to do? At the end of the day, this lockdown situation is a great chance for us to reevaluate our own lives. Are we doing enough? Are we chasing after the right things? Are we on our way towards success? Or plateauing on this level for the time we can remember?

In life, there are only two possible ways to do stuff. Either you do it and invest everything you have, or you do not do it after all! Everything in between is just rubbish, a waste of time, not getting you far enough up the hill.

If there is one thing I learned from this situation right now, it is this. Life is about living! You have goals? Well, then why don’t you chase after them? Why are you still sitting here and reading this? Don’t you have something to do!? Reaching your goals for example?!

We can’t change the situation! The lockdown is there, deal with it! But why do we even care? Why do we think about it all the time? We should focus on our goals, right? We should get going! Now! What can we do today in order to reach our goals? Make today count! Make this week count! Use this lockdown situation and take the next steps! Change into a higher gear and give everything we can! Come on! We can reach our goals! COVID-19 will not prevent us from reaching them!

See you next time!

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