#637 Discipline – S2 E13 – The Process – DAY BY DAY

Some people struggle, some people fail, some people quit. But giving up is never an option, at least in my world. Giving up? Stop chasing after our dreams? Are you mad?! They are our dreams for a reason!

People do not understand how some of us can give 100 % every single day, when others can not. But if we have a closer look at the circumstances, the answer comes quite naturally to us. Some people seem to do not struggle as much as others. Some people seem to make something different. The way they talk, the way the walk, the way they work. Those people have reached a completely different mindset. Those people are definitely on mission.

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A friend of mine recently told me, that she did not thought, that I would be able to keep on doing my blog every single day in between writing my master thesis and having those issues with my eyes. She thought that I would quit one week or another, changing my priorities and stop doing the blog for a while. But well, doing that was never an option. Blogging has become such an important part of my life. I can not and will not live without it. A day is better, so to speak, if I take some time off from my other activities and write at least one blog post a day, if not multiple of them and a bit for the book.

The question is, how do I do it? How can I keep on writing this blog every single day for the last 637 days? The answer is quite simple. I can do it, because I have decided to do it. But again, people do not understand. Between deciding to do something and actually doing it, is a difference for them. They look at the whole project from the start to the finish and can not find the 1000 hours of time, the project consumes a year. But it’s not important and it was never important if you can implement the whole project into your future life or not. The only question is, can you do your 2 hours for the project today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when such and such will happen during your summer holidays. Can you do it today? And honestly, of course you can! We are wasting so much of our valuable time, of course you can find time for your project. Sure, maybe you do not want to invest 2 hours at the beginning, but what about 30 minutes? Can you do your project for 30 minutes? And the answer is of course, yes, you can! But do you want to? Are you ready to suffer? To invest those time, money and energy?

I am not able to do it, because I decided to have a daily blog and planned everything in advance. I am able to keep on doing it, because I just need to write one post today! And sure, of course I can write one blog post a day. Everybody can do that! The question is, if you want to do whatever you have in mind. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being 100 %, how much do you want to do your project? And whatever your answer is, if it is not 10, then you shouldn’t do it. Don’t do things in life, if you are not standing behind them with everything that you have! Sure, you might have needed to do that at school, or university. But honestly, life is way too short for keeping on doing that! If you are not convinced, why do you think you can convince others with it? If I wouldn’t be convinced that my blog project is the right thing for me to do, why should I do it? Where is the point in doing something you do not even like? Either you want to fly to the moon or you don’t. But please do not fly half the way and get lost in the endless space of the universe in between.

Of course we need to plan our lives. Of course we need to think about the consequences of our doing. But please, do not waste too much of your time with looking too far ahead. What about today? Why don’t you invest some of your time into the very moment? Why don’t you focus on the things you should focus on, instead of waiting for the world to change itself for you? Believe it or not, but the world will not change for you! I have been waiting for that one to come, but no, no, no. Life doesn’t work like that. Either you do it, or you are willing to live with the consequences!

Today matters! Use it! Use every single day you have! Who knows how many days you have still left?

See you next time!

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