#636 Learning – S3 E4 – SEE LEARNING AS A GAME

The thing about learning is, that it is supposed to be fun! Life is supposed to be fun! Everything is supposed to be fun!

If you do not see learning as a game yet, well, it seems like you have not really thought about learning before. Learning is the best game of the year 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, …, you got the joke. But learning isn’t fun to you? It’s this boring and fussy process? It’s hard work, exhausting and not fun after all? Well, let’s tackle this real quickly.

What exactly is learning anyways? It’s us remember something? It is us learning something by heart? It’s being able to know facts we did not know before? Learning is everything! Learning is life. You read this blog post, think that it is stupid and did what? Exactly! Learned to do not read the blog again. You get tinder, do not get a single match in three weeks and learn what? Exactly, that tinder doesn’t work for people like you. From eating something that your body can’t handle, to the accident you had last year. From the injury with your knee, to the e-mail you forgot to answer in the office. We are constantly learning. All the time!

But sure, that’s not the kind of learning you had in mind, when thinking about the topic. You thought automatically about learning the most boring fifty vocabularies for English class tomorrow, or about the historic milestones of the Bronze Age. Why? Because that is where we have learned how stupid learning really is. It’s hard, it’s exhausting, it doesn’t make any fun! But sure, it’s a part of life as it seems. We need to get over it! We need to push through! And so, we do exactly that.

But wait a minute, what? Are we crazy? The most stupid thing about school is, that you do not learn the things that you are supposed to learn. How to do taxes, how to do all other sorts of things including one tiny little thing about life, called learning.

Why is nobody telling us how to learn? Is that really too much to ask for? I really don’t get it! That’s like starting off into your new job as a pilot, with flying 400 people around on your day one without even knowing anything about the job. In the world of aviation, you will never find a situation like this, but why in our educational systems all around the world?

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

How can they forget about the most essential thing related to the topic? I just don’t get it. And so, well, each and everyone of us needs to tackle this issue on their own. The solution, it’s not as easy as it might seem. It’s not like you read this blog post and know it all. I mean, that would be awesome, but is just not very realistic. Therefore, you need to tackle this thing on your own. Sure, not entirely on your own, but at least certain parts of it you need to understand by yourself.

See learning as a game. Look at this process and brake it down into tiny pieces. And the moment you do that, you will understand. Indeed, learning was never supposed to be this boring sitting in your room and going through the list of endless vocabularies kind of experience we all had. We just assumed that this is the way to go, when in fact, it’s not!

Learning is a very complex process. There is a lot going on in your head, sure, but as always in life, it’s all about having connections. The more connections you have, the better. You will have a career in politics, get a job at a car manufacturer and never forget anything that you have learned. What? Never forget? But what if I want to forget about something? Don’t worry, over time, we all forget. Or rather, our connections start to disintegrate themselves. And we all know that one. If you do not attended regular morning golf rounds with your other high influential friends, you will not be a part of this society any longer. They will drop you like a hot potato! And so, if you do not work on your connections inside of your head, well, you will get removed from the club! You will forget. Basta! The end!

But why should learning be like a game? Even if we focus on our connections, where is this supposed to be fun? In fact, it sounds like even more work! The thing about those connections is, that the more “creative” they are, the better. But not all of us are creative people! Right? At least some claim to have no creativity or whatever inside of them. But the thing is, you do not need to be an artist in order to learn something, but if you use the right techniques, you can boost your brain capacity and become the smartest person you know.

Because having fun is allowed. The more boring your connections, the easier you will forget. But the more interesting they are, the better! And the funny thing about it? Nobody is going to know. You can use your old teacher and make him do weird things, you can change the law of physics, the way things are in this world. There are no limitations. And the moment you understand this, learning becomes the most awesome game ever! This is the best thing you can possibly do in your life! Ok, maybe the second best thing!

Make your connections so wild, that you can not, by all means, tell the story you have in mind to another person without loosing your reputation and you have reached the level where we need to be. Always remember, what happens inside of your head, stays inside of your head. There is no need to tell your neighbor how you are using him in order to remember something. Just look at him the next time you meet and think about the story you have come up with. You will definitely greet him with a smile from now on, which will not only refresh your connections, but also improve your neighbor neighbor relationship.

If learning doesn’t feel like a game to you already, man, you are missing out on something! Let’s finally start tackling this thing, it will help you in every walk of like!

See you next time!

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