#640 The 500 Followers post

I have waited for this moment for a very long, long time. Precisely 640 days. Well, maybe waiting isn’t the right word to pick. Lets rather say, that I have worked very hard on each and every of those 640 days in order to reach this milestone on my journey towards success.


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That I would reach more than 500 followers was always clear to me. I mean, it’s just the logical consequence out of things. Come on, I write every single day, of course, sooner or later this behavior will attract readers. Just look at the numbers, it’s way more likely that on one of those days, I was focusing on something that interests you. That’s just math. But sure, quantity isn’t everything, right? Of course it is not! But can you write something every single day? Can you put in the effort?

On the day I have started this thing, I was not thinking about having a daily blog anyways. In fact, I just started. I wanted a change in my life and I changed it. I wanted to be a write and see what I have become. A blogger?! 😂🙈 Just kidding, it’s not about the terminology you call yourself, it’s all about your actions. If you want to be a write, just write. There is no need to get the acceptance from others. In fact, if you are waiting for that, well, you will probably wait forever! Because out there in this cold and nasty place, nobody will give you what you want. Either you invest the time, the money, the effort, the energy and everything else that it takes, or you will never reach your goals. That’s just how it is! Deal with it!

But what comes next?

1000 followers? Well, not yet. The next goal is 911 followers, of course! And the day I will reach that, I guess I can start to be proud of myself and finally get the Porsche. But well, maybe I will reach that goal sooner as expected and then what? Getting a scale model 911? Maybe! But on a more serious note, of course I am reaching for the stars. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a highly recognized blog? Getting invitations to talks and discussions around the world? Well, actually, that sounds like a nightmare! I do not want the attention, I do not want to do any talks, or anything like that! Please, just leave me alone doing my things! How am I supposed to work on my goals, if I need to invest the most of my time with doing something else? That’s just working! That can’t work! Therefore, of course I am looking forward to the days when the number of followers will reach the 1000 followers barrier, but I can’t promise, that I will not freak out about it! I mean, come on! 1000 potential readers? Oh my God, my daily posts need to become so much better!

The thing about this project is, that it is all about the journey. It’s all about the things that it takes to reach the top. And so, it will document every single step. From the first day, to the last one that it takes. It’s all about the mistakes, the fails, the things that I do wrong. And honestly, I do a lot of things wrong. I do not use social media in the way I could, I do not focus on getting traction with this thing and last but not least, I focus too much on my own instead of focusing on my readers. But the truth is, this is my life and this is my blog. Those are my goals to reach, not yours! I can’t focus on you, because the moment I do that, I become just one of all those other people out there. All those influencers and money driven personalities. But that’s just not who I am and not what I want to be. I tell you to get a Porsche! Sure! But Porsche is not paying me for saying that. Instead, they are focusing on making their products better and better every single day and therefore do not even need to pay anyone for saying that those cars are good, because everybody knows that already. With my blog, I do the very same thing. I do what I think is the right thing for me to do today, that will help me get a little bit better tomorrow. I write this thing in the way I want to write it. I do not read other blogs, I don’t follow other blogs, I just do not have the time for that! Why? Because I do not want to invest the time into that, when there are so many other things I need to do in order to reach my goals.

In life, you need to finally understand what it is all about. Life doesn’t make any sense and there is nothing for you to actually do. You decide what you want to do in your life and then just do that! Follow your heart, follow your passion, follow your instinct. Since the day I have started this project, I have improved a thousand times. Life moved on, I moved with it. I have a masters degree now, sure, awesome! A title that is very much appreciated in our so called “society”. But the honest truth is, that I have learned more about life, me and how to do things, here with this project, than I will ever learn at any university around the globe that is already in existence.

The truth is, we will never know it all. But the goal was never to know it all. We go through life, thinking that whatever we have in mind is important. But at the end of the day, we will figure out that whatever we are chasing after is just that, an illusion. An idea we, or someone else has planted in our heads. We think that once we have reached this goal, or the other, we will finally lean back and enjoy life at its fullest. But the truth is, this moment will never actually happen. If you are like me, you need to understand, that there will always come something else. After this goal, you will find a bigger one. And so, we need to life more in the present moment. We need to learn, that today matters. Today I have reached my goal to have 500 followers with this project, but the moment I woke up today and realized that I have reached my goal, well, what did I do? Did I celebrated? Sprayed a bottle of Champaign? Well, not really. I took my MacBook and wrote this thing like I do every single day. Because now that I have reached it, it’s not important any longer. I have reached the goal but instead of being finished, I have already formulated my next goal. But why do we think, that this behavior will change one day?

But I guess, that’s a story for another time. Thank you for reading! Thank you for supporting! Thank you for do not ask any questions. Thank you for not sharing this with the world too soon. Thank you for letting me do what I love. I wish you a good day! No, an awesome day! Make today matters! Make today become an important cornerstone in your life.

See you next time, as I always say!

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