The best coach is you!

Pick whatever topic you want, you will find thousands of self declared coaches out there in the World Wide Web. But what is the difference between one of those guys and the perfect coach for you?

The perfect coach knows you well. The perfect coach knows your goals. The perfect coach knows when to push you and when to leave you alone. The perfect coach supports you when needed but gives you your freedom to go through certain things on your own.

The truth is, the best coach is you! Be your own coach!

There is not a single person out there in the world, that knows as much about yourself as you do. There is not a single person out there in the world that knows what you think, right in the moment when you are thinking it. There is not a single person out there in the world, that is more suitable to be your coach than you are.

But how do we become our own coaches? How does everybody become a coach? Is there a school for coaches? Can you study the world of being a coach? Or is this a more intuitive kind of sport? Do you become a coach through daily practice? From making mistakes and learning from them? I guess in the end of the day, there are many ways how to become a coach. But we do not even need to go there. You just need to become your own coach and that’s all we need to focus on right now.

Imagine that you would already have a coach, what do you need to do in order to let the magic happen? Right! You need to listen to what your coach is telling you. But even more importantly, you need to try to implement this into your daily life. Do you listen to yourself? Do you do what you are planning on doing? Are you in control? Do you decide on your own what is going on in your life? It might sound funny, but there are people out there that do not even think about stuff like that. They do what they are used to do. They do, what they have learned to do. They behave exactly in the way, our society wants them to behave. But that can’t be good, can it? That can’t be the solution. Just living into our days? Sure, sounds like the easy way towards things! But besides that, this isn’t convincing.

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Being your own coach should sound familiar to you. Being your own coach is just what you do anyways. You support yourself, you are giving yourself advice, you are trying to improve and make things better. But the thing is, we do not actively focus on that! We do not wake up one day and question ourself. We do not criticize ourself. We do not look for the mistakes that we do and try to work on them.

Be your own coach is just a very basic thing to understand. In your life, you need to be in control. You need to be able to take the right decisions for yourself. Do not focus too much on others. Do not focus too much on what anybody is expecting from you. At the end of the day, this is still your life.

Be your own coach and you will see, there are still a lot of possibitilies to improve.

See you next time!

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