#642 Language learning – S2 E6 – THE RESTART WITH ITALIAN

With the end of my master program at university, it is finally time for me to reset my priorities in life once more.

And sure, one of those changes involves the practice of the Italian language. As some of my long time readers probably still remember, I have started with Italian a long time ago, even before starting this blog project, but decided to stop in between studying and all the other things that went on in my life. With at least the university thing being over now, I can finally reset my priorities and figure out what is next. Sure, I am working full time now and need to learn a lot for the new job in my free time, which I will probably find soon, but still Italian is definitely something that I can afford to do.

Therefore, I have started last week with the refreshment of my nearly not existent Italian skills. Sure, some words have managed to stick to my brain somehow, but there was not very much to remember anyways. And so, I will adapt my self developed learning techniques from the English language and try to use them in my new language learning adventure!

Will it be a successful mission this time? And sure, that’s a question I should really ask myself. I mean, I failed twice already, don’t you remember? But the thing about my past failures is just that, I simply haven’t invested the time, money and energy into it. I wanted to speak the language, sure. But I haven’t done enough in order to reach my goal. I quit. Sure, I had better things to do and sure, the university should always have the higher priority. But still, it was totally my fault. It was me that did not invest the needed amount of time.

But this time it will be different. This time I will have more time. Or at least that is what I am telling myself. The thing about time is, that you can never have enough of it. Sure, I was quite busy when studying, but who says that I will not be busy at work? And the truth is, after knowing myself very good, that I will be so passionate for my new job, that I will probably having a hard time to stop. But that’s just how life is. There is always something else going on. But we, we shouldn’t care too much about this. If I want to learn the Italian language, then I can learn it. It’s up to me.

The secret? A continuous effort mixed with passion and endless motivation.

Photo by Emily Geibel on Pexels.com

How will I do it? Well, I will take the same approach I did with the English language. I start right at the beginning, where I will focus on the very basics of the language. Then, and I guess this will take me a while, I can move on, diving deeper and deeper into the different topics of interest.

But how do we start to learn a language from scratch? My approach will consist out of three things. I will use babble, an online learning app, YouTube, Podcasts and native speakers. How will it work? Well, we will see! Wish me luck!

See you next time!

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