#644 20 MINUTES WRITING CHALLENGE #48 – COVID-19 TIMES in the city

Summer in the city – Joe Cocker

Crowded town, COVID-19 times in the city… honestly, what the fuck!?

That I wasn’t there for the sake of entertainment should be clear to everyone out there. There are only three reasons to go into the city center these days anyways and one of them is even wrong, can you spot it?

#1 An appointment at a doctor or any other useful institution
#2 Driving someone else to an appointment at a doctor or any other useful institution
#3 Show everybody how awesome your new Porsche is

Sadly I do not even have a Porsche to show off with, therefore, my time at the city was spent actually quite useful. But anyways, enough about me explaining why I was there. Now, it’s time for all those other thousands of people to explain…

Honestly, I just do not understand this. Sure, I might just hate being in the city anyways. (Slow traffic, too many idiots, the struggle to find a parking space, way too many people and you always need to wait or look out for others), but sure, that is totally independent from the COVID-19 times we currently have. I just hate it being there anyways. But what about all those other people in the city? We can’t possibly have enough doctors in town, so that we can give all of them an appointment in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 combined.

Distance? Sure, on the autobahn it’s important. But in the city? No! Never heard about that one before. I guess, people just don’t care. We are too egoistic. Too focused on our own problems in life. And so, we do what we want to do and not what might actually be a good thing to do. For example, meeting the other household of yours anywhere, but not in the fucking city center. I mean, what is the point of that? Seeing others and getting seen? There is so much closed anyways!? But people will not understand. They will argue about their rights. That they can meet wherever they want. And sure, they can. But that doesn’t mean that I need to understand it, right!?

Are we really that cold and self oriented? Are we really that egoistic? But I guess we are. That’s just in our nature. The survival of the more intelligent. That’s the 21th century, baby.

I, for my part, was pretty much happy the moment I could drive back home. And God, why can’t they drive!? Is it really that difficult? Is it really that much of a struggle!? Can’t they take the bus? Or the train? Or walk!?

COVID-19 times in the city, honestly, why going there on a volunteering basis? But sure, you can’t take your instagram pictures somewhere in the country side without the right background, can you? No, not really. But look, isn’t that a nice picture? Someone can assume that they have locked down something because of COVID-19, but no, there is just the danger to fall off the path some 50 cm down to the ground. These are the moments, when you feel really save being a German in a German city center in the COVID-19 times. We are spotting the dangers everywhere, as it seems, but only if we can “see” the danger with our own eyes.

For the future I have one dream, I know, I am not a member of the church any longer, but please, God, or whoever is listing. Can’t you give all those people a little bit more of what we call “intelligence”? I am the last person on earth that agrees with the way we are trying to handle this COVID-19 things out there. I know, that wearing a mask can not be the solution. But as long as we do not have the final solution, why don’t we meet our friends somewhere else? Why do we need to be in crowded places all the time? If I had one wish, it would be a Porsche 911 GT2, but if I had a second one, it would definitly be related to COVID-19 and how to solve the issue, I promise!

Stay save and don’t go into the city center, EVER!

See you next time!

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