The question is, do you want to know more about who I am, more about what I do and definitely more about what I think? Until now, I tried to do not talk too much about me and what I am doing. Sure, I have this weekly statistic that offers some hints, but talking about me as a person directly? Well, that would be something new.

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Why do I think that this step is necessary? Do I want to build up a personal brand and become the next influencer of the year? In fact, that would be the worst thing that could happen, but I hope that this step will help the blog to get even more real and diving deeper into the topics of interest. If you are following my journey for a longer period of time, sure you will know certain things about me. But who am I exactly?

The internet is this dark and dangerous place and sure, we do not want to reveal all of our secrets. But I think that my blog is missing some personal input that goes beyond the usual opinion or thought, I daily share with the world. Being not really a social media person, it took me a while to get used to publishing things online. But after some 600 days into the project, I finally realized that there is no need to worry about anything like that. Why? Because we shouldn’t care too much about what others think about us and our projects. Honestly, I do this thing because I want to do it. Because I believe in what I am doing. And if you believe in it or not, better take a seat first, is not in any way relevant to me and my future journey to come. And so, it doesn’t matter what you think. In fact, as Winston Churchill said: “Kites fly highest against the wind – not with it.” Meaning that the more people I can find that think that I will fail, the harder I can work every single day in order to reach my goals.

But what is there that I haven’t shared yet? I mean, I am talking about me as a person quite regular, but never in a direct way. Or do you know my name? Sure, it’s not that hard to figure it out, just click on that instagram icon somewhere on the page, but that’s of course not what I mean. In the past, I kind of separated the blog from my private life. I had my life and the blog. But starting from today, I want to change that. The blog has become such an important thing in my life, I just do not want to separate it any longer.

But what can you expect? Doing YouTube vlogs from now on? Hell no! That’s definitely not what I will do. And sure, my life is way too boring for doing that anyways. I mean, I do the very same things every single day. How boring is that!? But maybe just maybe I have some ideas how to make this thing even more real. Sure, I am new to all of that and do not have any clue how it will work. But that’s the fun part about life, isn’t it? Just trying something out and see where this is leading us towards.

But sure, at the end of the day, the blog should also be more about you and what you want to know. Therefore, by all means, start asking questions! Without any feedback, how do I know if I am walking on the right path or not? How do I know if this is the right thing for me to do? But asking questions isn’t that easy to do. I know, you need to post a comment, or write me a personal e-mail. Sounds like a lot of work and sure, we should tackle this topic as well, but for the moment, I guess that is the only option we have.

What do you want to know? Which parts are still missing? Where do you struggle in life? What has helped you the most to get through difficult times?

I know that I will not get much feedback from you, but please, if your are reading this right now, think about it. It’s not that much work to write me your input!

See you next time!

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