#648 Meditation 4.0 – S4 E2 – A NEW WORLD ORDER

Honestly, maybe we should not strive for a new world order. Sure, there is a lot going wrong these days, but who is supposed to make it any better? We? And with which idea? Which ideology?

Since my last post in this category of my blog, I stopped doing meditations all together. Meaning, that I have not blocked out some of my valuable time in order to waste it sitting on an uncomfortable cushion on my cold bedroom floor. Instead, I just lived more in the present moment and enjoyed my life by giving me something back. I spend more time on the racing simulator, while listening to a complete audiobook over the easter weekend. And surprisingly, the calming effect of doing that was by far higher than any meditation session has ever brought to light. Being there in the present moment? Sure, it doesn’t sound that easy to us, but life is offering its support. With my knee in trouble, the weather somehow indecisive and my dating app experience definitely not working after all, I can pretty much live in the present moment as long as I want to.

But the problem will always stay the same, we just do not understand the thing we call “life”! Unfortunately, there is no manual about life, at least not an official one that is widely accepted. And so, we stumble through life with an idea about the things that are going on around us, without even knowing if that is the right direction for us or not, entirely. It must sound silly, I know, but normally we do not take the time to shake at the fundamentals our life is build up on. We do not question the basis of our existence, when in fact, there are a lot of questions still unanswered. Where do we come from? What do we do here? What is our mission?

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Is it time for a new world order? The funny thing about it, sure, there is just this one big blue planet, but if we would ask 100 people to explain the world, we probably get around 100 different perspectives. At the end of the day, you will not change the world, but you can change the way you see it. You can change the way you perceive things that are going on around you. The calmness of a buddhist monk, the sacrifices of a catholic priest, even the cold heartedness of a secret agent from a Hollywood movie. You can change your world, from one second to the other.

But we do not tend to go that far. We prefer waiting. Waiting for the right moment to come, the right time, the perfect day. One day, we tell ourselves, one day we will finally be free. But will we ever be free? Free of worries? Free of thoughts? Free of doubts? In fact, we will not. Problems get exchanged by bigger ones, fears add to each other, and worries, we better do not even talk about them. The thing about life is, that we are so focused with moving on, we totally forget about the very moment right now. What does it matter what you will do next week, if you die tomorrow. And sure, we never think about things like that either.

It is time for a new world order. But not in the sense of conquering the world. More in the sense of finally accepting who we are and stop blaming others for the things that are not going as planned. Each and everyone of us has the freedom to think. And with that ability of ours, we can change the world, our world. We can define who we want to be. We can define how things are supposed to be. We can change our own world order.

Meditation is a way of finding to yourself. But where is the point in not getting that, while following boring breathing exercises on the cold floor! Right, there is non. We need to stop having those old fashioned ideologies about how a meditation session needs look like. Screw this! I will create my own way of meditation.

It is time for us to understand, that there is no right or wrong in life. There is just us and a bunch of other people without any clue. Do not fear to do something wrong, just because everybody is doing it differently. Doing something differently doesn’t necessarily need to mean that they are right and you are wrong. Maybe they just have never asked those questions we are asking ourselves right now. Maybe they have never questioned the status Q!

Are you ready for a new world order? Are you ready for an even more thrilling life? Your world is ready for a change, just give it the push that it needs!

See you next time!

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