#649 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E10 – GOOD REASONS NEVER DIE!

It all starts with an idea, a dream, a goal. “One day!”, we tell ourself, “One day!!!”

We have dreams, we have goals, we have ambitions. But life seems to have different plans for us. And so, we loose our focus, we leave the right path, our goals are getting lost in the shear endless day to day business of ours. We want so much, but do so little. We tell ourself how awesome life could be, but ending up not following our passion anyways. We dream high, but do not reach any further than our arms can reach. We imagine us having everything that we want, but at the same time feeling bad for being so greedy.

The truth is, not many people reach all their goals. Not many people reach everything they want to reach. But why is this the case? Why can’t everybody reach their goals? Why can’t we all be successful? Because that isn’t possible!? The hell, nothing is impossible! So it must be something else. Is it the lack of willpower? The lack of motivation? The lack of energy? The lack of imagination? The lack of creativity? The lack of luck? The lack of money? The lack of the right idea? Well, probably! But it is also:

The lack of good reasons!

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

And it all starts with a good reason. One, that stands out from all the others. Have you ever felt the anger rising up in your body, because you were treated unfairly? Maybe in a game, in class, on the soccer field? Have you ever felt the urge to fight back? To give 150 % of what you have, in order to show the world that they have underestimated you? Revenge shouldn’t be your primary drive, but who says that?! Show me the law that forbids it!

Why do people come back stronger from severe injuries and career threatening situations? Because they work harder? Because they give 100 % every single day? True, but what do they have found, that they had not before? Right, a damn good reason!

With my knee injury holding me back from basically everything, for sure I could accept my faith! For sure I could just lay around in bed all day long and complain about my situation. But I can’t! I can’t just sit around all day long distracting my boredom by doing nothing. Come on! I have goals to reach! I have races to win! I have so much stuff going on in my life, I can not waste my time. Sure, technically I could. But I do not want to.

Good reasons never die!

A good reason is not just an idea, a concept of a better world, a better life. A good reason stays. It survives long and cold winter month, but also hot summer days in the sun. Good reasons will always stay! Following us on our journey towards success.

A good reason is just so much more than just a reason. It should be the epicenter of your universe. This should be the very fundament of your life. “And upon this rock, I will build my church”.

Do you have good reasons? Do you get up in the morning knowing why? I can’t help you finding your personal reasons, that is your job entirely, but I can tell you to find them! SOON!

A life without any reason is purposeless. But a life with the wrong reasons is a waste of life. Find your reasons. Figure out what you truly want and why. The first step is starting with you! Today! Right now! Do something! Come on! What are you waiting for?

See you next time!

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