#650 SIX-HUNDRED fifty days of daily blogging

Success is just a matter of time, bla bla bla, follow your dreams, bla bla bla, everything is possible, bla bla bla, step after step, bla bla bla, you can do it as well, bla bla bla…

Honestly, those posts are getting pretty boring, don’t you agree? I mean, come on! What do you expect me to say? I am doing a daily blog, of course I am reaching those milestones every now and again. But the truth is, reaching my goals is just a matter of time, not a matter of luck or anything else.

Only 450 days left until 1000 days of daily blogging. Only a couple of thousand hours left, until I have my completed my 10.000 hours on the racing simulator. Only a couple of years left until buying my first Porsche. Only a couple of steps away, from driving the first time on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in real life. Only a couple of applications left, until I will have my dream job. Should I go on? I guess there is no need to.

The truth is, we can reach everything that we want. BUT! We really need to want it.

I hear so many people talking about their goals, dreams and wishes! But while talking so much about them, they forget to actually do something. I have ambitious goals! There is no doubt about that! But I am working my ass off every single day in order to reach my goals. And that’s the baseline of todays post. Forget those “life coaches”, those “10 steps to success” guides and all the other bullshit out there in the World Wide Web. The truth is, if we are not ready for the journey, if we are not investing whatever it takes, nobody, and I repeat, nobody can help us!

Because at the end of the day, it is us that need to do the fucking job. We need to spend the thousands of hours in the gym, the workplace, the university, the library or wherever we should spend out time. It doesn’t depend on money, luck, or good genes. It is just a matter of us! Are we willing to push through? To work harder? To think more? To spend our time wisely? To go on when others stop? To fail as often as possible?

Wherever you are currently standing in life, you are responsible for this very situation, because it was you that has brought you there. It was your action or non-action, that lead you to the very moment in life. And if you give this idea a couple of minutes to settle down, you will agree! Because in fact, it was just you. Not the teachers, not the professors, not your parents, not your environment, not your country, it was just you. You could have done so much, but you have not. True? In theory, we can do everything. But everything doesn’t mean everything at the same time. In life, we need to set our priorities. In life, we need to figure out where we want to go.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I have a daily blog, not because I have inherited it from someone else, but instead, because I did this! I have created this out of nothing. Out of thin air. And if you want something in life, for sure you can wait until it suddenly, even magically appears. But the truth is, miracles are not that common as you might expect. Why don’t you just get what you want? Why waiting, when you can also start doing something today. I have started this blog 650 days ago with absolutely no clue about what I was doing. But I did it and today, I am proud of myself. Not because I am doing a daily blog and honestly, that’s not even a hard challenge for me, but because I have improved so much over the past one and a half years. I have, for the first time in my life, started to change my life! To do only the things that I wanted to!

And look at my daily life, how awesome is that. I have reached so many of my goals already. Isn’t that amazing? Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? I was highly skeptical after hearing about it for the first couple of times! But well, after understanding what it represents, I have applied it perfectly to my own life.

Whoever you are, whatever you are doing! I believe in you as much as I believe in myself. Because I know, that everything is possible for those, who have the courage to take the next step. Those, who do not stop after failing and always get back on their feet. If you really want to change something in your life, you can change it right now! The question is just, if you really want the change your life or not. And honestly, a lot of people do not really want.

Don’t accept your faith! Change your faith! Change your life! Reach your goals!

See you next time!

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