A couple of months ago, I left the church once and for all. Well, not quite the believe system you expected, right? But in life, we need to believe in something. Porsche is better than Ferrari, Oranges are better than bananas, and so on. Whatever you do, whoever you are, we all believe in something. We have dreams, we have hopes, we have wishes, but what we also have is a well defined believe system. You don’t believe me? Well, even that might be a part of your very own and personal believe system. Do you trust in the opinion of small online blogger?

But your personal believe system doesn’t only represent what you believe in, it also defines who you are, what you are allowed to do and how successful you will be! You are still struggling to accept? Let me put it this way. Everyday you wake up, there are things you do not question. All those things are a part of your believe system. We wake up and drive to work on the right side. But why? Because that is what we are supposed to do? Because that is the right way to do it? Well, other countries drive on the left. Maybe they are right? Do we have an answer? No! Does it matter? No! But what would happen, if certain things do in fact matter? What if you are preventing yourself from reaching your goals by believing in the wrong things? Is being at work hard or fun? Whatever your parents, your environment, your surrounding has taught you, this is how it will feel. Sure, maybe it’s not the right example for your personal situation, but I hope you get the message.

Will my book be a success? Honestly, I don’t know! But if I do not truly believe in it, well, I should rather stop today and do not write any longer. The thing is, if we do not believe in what we are doing, we will never reach our goals. Life is too short for wasting it.

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Life is this thing nobody really understands. But our personal believe system represents our past, our present and our future.

How often do you get up in the morning and question everything that you are doing? How often do you stop midway, just making sure you are still heading into the right direction? Reflecting on your days, weeks, months or years? How many people are actually doing that? It’s so easy for us to find excuses why we can’t. Why our situation is just so much different.

The truth is, we do not even believe in the things we want to achieve. We do not get up in the morning working as hard and as focused as possible. Question your personal believe system. Question what you stand for. You are the key to success! You already have everything that it takes. Now it’s up to you to finally start doing something! Step by step! Day by day!

See you next time!

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