#671 Language learning – S2 E7 – HOW SHOULD WE LEARN?

When it comes to learning in general, there might be thousands of ways how to properly do it. Some strategies will work for us, while others will not. Sure, that’s not primarily because of the technique itself, but rather because of us. Some learn through writing, some through listening and some need the complete package. Therefore, there can not be the one universal strategy that works for all, but instead, each and everyone of us needs to find their own ways how to actually do it.

When it comes to languages learning, there is of course no exception from the rule. Language learning can be done in thousands of ways. But maybe just maybe, there is a way, better speaking about a guideline, that we should follow. Speaking a foreign language, knowing a language by heart, being able to communicate with others, however you want to call it, it’s just that, a process.

If you want to know a language, the are unavoidable parts of the job. Sure, depending on your final goal, that process can look different, but most of the time, we all want the complete package. Reading, talking, writing. And with those three components pretty much dominating the project, of course, we can’t ignore one of them. But, and this is really important to state out, there is no need to learn a language in the way, you might have tried to learn one at school. The teachers back then, well, they might have not known it better. But I am sure they did, I am just telling this to myself in order to stay cool and not starting to explode.

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The thing about learning is, that it doesn’t need to be hard, boring, exhausting. Even if the school system is trying everything they can in order to make it look exactly like that. The truth is, nothing in life needs to be hard, boring, or exhausting. It’s just our approach towards things, that will make it look and feel like we want to actually feel it.

But I need to get to the point. How should we learn? We should learn in our way. Easier said, than done, I know. But it’s the truth. You can invest the next ten years trying to learn a language. But if you are not ready for letting this topic become a part of yourself, a part of your personality, a part of who you are and how you define yourself, well, then you will never be fluent. Sure, you can learn it by heart, but the moment you stop, nearly everything of what you have learned in the past will disappear. Gone!

Learn a language the natural way! I can’t tell you why this isn’t a thing. I just don’t know. I guess, it’s because of the lack of imagination. People just can’t accept such a dramatic change in someones life. But for some, for people like me, this is the only way how it will work in the end. I have spend years at school, trying to learn English, but it did not work. I have started to learn it the natural way and well, this time it worked. And the fun fact about it? I was even having fun! I have learned the language without actually learning the language. I have not spend hours in front of a desk, writing down vocabularies and stuff. I was just learning it the way, a child would learn its native language. I exposed myself to the English language as often as possible, constantly, every single day. And look what has happened.

My subconscious mind has picked it up! It learns itself, so to speak, the only problem is, that we need to stay put. We need to push through, even if we do not understand a single word. And that’s the thing people seem to struggle with. We are not used to those types of learning. We are used to do things properly. Tracking our success over time and spending each and every minute of our days wisely.

We need to accept one thing more than any other. Pick whatever object and tell me what it is. Is it really what you say it is? Or is it just an object that is called a certain way in your language? At school, we learn to translate between languages, but in reality, this is the worst thing you can do. If you need to translate everything in your head before telling someone, you will never be able to speak, write or listen fluently. You will always need time, too much time! Sure, with some languages this might work better than expected, but still, you are messing up the rhythm of a language and that’s causing the others to notice.

Don’t learn a language the way you think you should learn it, learn it in a more natural inspired way. Next time, we will focus more on that!

See you next time!

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