The traffic lights got reflected on the wavy bonnet of the Italian styled car. He never understood the passion for them, but at least the engine was ok this time. “T minus 5“, a crackling voice from the walkie-talky pulled him out of his day dream. “Just this last job.“, he had repeatedly told himself. But the truth was, he just couldn’t stop. The adrenalin rushing through his veins, his heart beating faster and faster. The moment the traffic light went green, the noisy V6 sprang into life.

The darkness in front was soon illuminated by the street lamps of the small town he was heading towards. A place he had never even been to. “Park the car 50 meters away from the gas station.“, his instructions were clear. Coming to a hold, the engine switched off automatically. “God damn auto-start-stop-function!“, he complained, switching off the lights and decided to do not let the engine run today. “On position!“, he let his boss now.

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A white pickup truck, an old rusty car, the scenery looked pretty familiar. “Not much going on for a Friday evening!“, he thought, watching an old man passing by. “T minus 1 minute.“, the crackling noice of the radio was soon gone. Grabbing the steering wheel tight, he could feel his muscles tensioning up a little. As his breathing cycle speeded up, he knew why he was doing it.

Exactly as expected, a BMW entered the parking lot. Tinted windows, yellow lights and in a color, he was in awe. Black, the car was clearly black. There was no doubt about that, but the way it looked, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. No reflections of the lights, no car silhouette. “A black hole!”, that was the way, his boss described the color. No wonder they escaped every single time. How can you chase something that you can not even see. But he knew it better, “Vantablack!

The BMW moved slowly, a bit too slowly. As it came closer, he noticed another issue. It wasn’t a normal BMW, the brakes revealed its potential. The passenger door opened and a girl walked right into the gas station. He counted. “One, two, three, …, 35!” The sliding doors opened again and the girl appeared again in his field of view. Tall, blonde, holding something in her left hand. The BMW crawled towards her, the door swung open and she disappeared.

Starting to sweat heavily, he regretted to wear his leather jacket. “God damn it!”, his excitement found a new all time high. As the BMW passed by only meters away, he leaned to the right, trying to hide. He was standing in the wrong direction, a risk, he needed to take anyways. With his right index finger he was following the line of the center console, looking for a round object he found only seconds later. Three, two, one… ROAAARRRRRR!

As the Ferrari engine sprung into life, its sound wave got distributed circularly like a stone drop in a clear turquoise mountain lake. As he put the gear lever in drive, he could already hear the BMW accelerating into the night.

To be continued…

See you next time!

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