It sounds so easy. It sounds too easy. When thinking about life in general, sure, we can all live the dream. But once we try to project that mindset onto our own private lives, well, we seem to struggle. We find excuses why we can’t. Why our situation is just so much harder and different.

It would be so easy, LIFE, I mean. We just do what we love, all day long. But life, well, it doesn’t let us do what we love all the time. There are things we have to do, there are other things we need to do. Sure, it is still our life, but honestly, our possibilities are very limited. COVID-19 lockdown here, the lack of money there. In life, people struggle. People have goals, ambitious goals. People have dreams, big dreams. And people fail. A lot of people fail.

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

Just do what you love, how hard can that be!? Quitting my job? Are you mad?! Stop reading the news? What is wrong with you?! Stop talking to people we don’t like? Where are your social norms?! Just doing what I love? Do you want me to become an egoist?!

The truth is, a lot of us will never live the life they want to live. Not because they can’t, or because their concept of life is impossible, but just because of themselves. They are able to dream, to have this vision of a brighter future. But what they can’t do is to keep on pushing through. To take the necessary steps. To move forward even if they do not even know where to go.

Are you doing enough in order to reach your goals?

See you next time!

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