We can all handle success, triumph and congratulations, or at least we think that we can. But how many of us can handle mistakes, failures and things going down? How many people can honestly tell themselves that, well, “I just did not do a good job with this project so far! Let me do it again!”

In this modern world, people are trying to show off with whatever they think they can, whenever there is a chance for doing so. We are all just so awesome, living the perfect life. Sure, social media is showing us how, but is that really it? Is that really what is going on?

With this blog project not going anywhere these days, I wonder who is responsible for that. Of course, it doesn’t take me long to accept, but in fact, it’s just me. My posts in the last weeks were just not any good. Not worthy to read. Not the thing people expect.

Photo by Trace Hudson on Pexels.com

People want to get entertained. People want to know it all. But what if life is just not that exciting anyways? What if life is 99% of the time just the same? A daily routine.

My life is different though, but that’s a decision I took. That’s my decision. But people, they do not really seem to understand. We go through life in such a strange way, thinking that we know exactly what is going on. But honestly, do we have any clue? My mindset was falling back into its old pattern. I lost the view on “MY” goals nearly from sight. I began to care about the opinion of others. I cared about what they might say.

When things are going down, people like to stop. But stopping was never an option! I will just keep on going, changing what I need to change.

See you next time!

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