#680 Learning – S3 E7 – STORY TELLING

You may remember the days, when someone told you a great story in order to finally fall asleep after an exhausting day for your parents. Even though I do not really remember the stories my parents might have invented, at least I remember the stories from the books, we have been going through a thousand times. Repetition is king, don’t you agree?

But story telling can also mean something else. It’s a marketing tool that is used quite frequently these days in order to build up a brand or place a product in the right customer segment. Story telling in this case might be still the same approach, meaning that you tell a story, but of course the story gets never published in the form of a book. No, story telling in the marketing world means showing people a certain kind of lifestyle. Telling a story without actually telling a story. It’s what is going on in your mind, that is the key to success. You get some pieces here and there. But only in your mind, the story gets assembled, put together, and finally, it seems to make sense.

But today, I do not want you to either fall asleep, or buy all the dreamactsucceed merchandise that doesn’t even exist. Today is about remembering.

If you have a look at the way, the professionals, meaning the memoirists of our time do their job, you will figure out, that story telling is in fact the way to go. You create a story, a story worth remembering of course and you will see, that it actually works. The better the story, the more likely you will remember. Why? Because we all love good stories! Don’t we?

A story is just that, some random words, put together in such a way, that those word make somehow sense. By the way, that’s just how languages work. How I communicate with you, right now. If I give you random words, but do not use the common way of presenting them, you will not understand. Or at least, you will struggle. But if I use the widely accepted rules of a certain kind of language, then you understand. Ha, but where is the point?

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Story telling in the sense of learning something, is just that, a kind of a language itself. If you want to remember a deck of cards, you will define which card means what and then add them to each other in a defined way. Sure, we do not want to remember boring cards all the time, but we can use the very same method and use it for our own purpose. For example learning a language, or a process, or whatever you want.

Once you have created your own pattern, you will be able to remember, to store information, and all the other useful things you might have in mind. For example, learning the infamous Porsche 911 model history.

The better a story teller you are, the more you can remember. But the thing is, at least at the beginning, we need to know how. How does someone create a good story? A story worth remembering? The key to success is diversity. The more senses you can implement, the better. Feelings, places, danger, fun, strange things. The list might be endless and indeed it is. But we, the people, we are not the same. While some like funny and strange things, others have a hard time being funny. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to force yourself into something you do not really are. Just accept that there are funnier people out there and use more of the stuff you actually like to use. The sky is the limit!

And once you have started to work with the concept, you will see how easy it will become. At the beginning, it will take some time to create the story, of course. But soon, you will do it automatically. You will create a story without even noticing. You will burn information into your brain by accident. Sure, not always an advantage, but that’s the dark side of learning I guess. Once you understand how, you will remember too much of the stuff you actually do not even want to know.

Well, is that everything you need? I guess no, because we could talk about this for ages. But the truth is, we do not have the time for that. Just play with it, just create something out of nothing and soon you will see, how much fun learning actually is.

See you next time!

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