#679 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E8 – BAD PLANNING

If I do a recap of all the companies I have ever worked for and add all the stories I have heard from others, it all seems to make sense. Once founded, a company growth over time. One employee, two employees, thousands. At the beginning, sure, adding another employee to the workforce might be a real benefit, but soon, this is about to change. Having a lot of employees is not necessarily an indicator for a successful company. Especially not, if the company is lacking organizational skills.

Bad planning. We have all done projects, at school, at work, in our free time and not always everything works just fine. There might be some issues, some missing parts, some delays, pick whatever you like. The question shouldn’t be, how to prevent those mistakes from happening, because that is theoretical impossible, but instead how to learn from those mistakes.

Looking for a job these days seems to be a struggle. Not only because of the situation out there, sure, it’s the pandemic for Christs sake, but that’s not what is bothering me! What I can’t stand is bad planning. A process like the this one, finding new employees, shouldn’t be new to any company out there. And the funny thing about it is, that it is always the same. We can describe the process. We can define the milestones. We can even go as far as forecasting the questions people will have, the problems, the worries and the fears. But the thing is, companies do not seem to care. They have better things to do? I am not so sure! They do not see the problems? I am not so sure! They just don’t want to change something? Again, I am not so sure!

I have applied at a lot of companies. And the way those companies deal with you is just strange. In fact, how can a company expect from you to be organized, communicative and delivering on point, when they can not even manage their application process?

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Maybe it is just me, but I don’t understand. Why do people seem to do not care? Why people do not see what they need to change? And it’s not, that it is so hard to change anything. It’s just that, it’s work. Someone needs to think! To create ideas, to figure out ways how to improve. But who should do that job?

Living into the day. Doing what you are supposed to do. Day in day out the very same. I can’t believe it. Is that really what people want? And the sad thing is of course, that it’s not just the application process. It’s literally every single process. Things could be better, more effective, more productive. But who is supposed to do something? To change something?

The bigger a company gets, the harder it becomes to make changes, even tiny little changes. There are too many people talking and nobody wants to make a decision. Taking risks? Doing something new nobody else has ever done before? No way! Getting out of our comfort zone? Are you mad? Why should we?

I guess, I am just different. I can’t stand doing the same tasks again and again, when there is an obvious solution around the next corner. Why can’t someone think ahead, ask the right questions and come up with a good organized plan how to do things.

Enough yelling for today? I guess so. But this is really going on my nerves. This world could be so much better with a little bit of good planning!

See you next time!

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