#678 20 minutes writing challenge #50 – Believe in yourself

Do what you love! Don’t listen to what others say about you.

Never stop! Don’t let anybody talk you out of reaching your goals.


Three steps. Three steps we are all familiar with. Three steps that make just sense. Still, we seem to struggle. Why? FEAR!

You dream about becoming a race car driver. You act like a race car driver. You will become a race car driver.

It doesn’t seem to be that hard!

You dream about becoming an author. You act like an author. You will become an author.

Three steps. Just three! Come on! It’s that easy! Everybody can do it!

But why isn’t anybody a race car driver, then? Why don’t each and everyone of us is reaching all their goals? You want the truths? Because we are not doing enough in order to get there!

We are not investing the time, the energy, the money, the commitment and all the other things we should. We fail, because we loose our focus. Our goals blur away.

The key to success is you!

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

A race car driver is not born a race car driver. A race car driver becomes one during his life. The difference between you and then? They have invested more time, more money, more energy, more of everything. They live their dreams. They act upon their goals. They work hard, they practice a lot, they do whatever it takes. But you? What are you doing? Are you doing enough?

People fail, because they do not believe in themselves.

People quit, people stop, people take a break. Nobody of us knows the reason of their existence. But still, some just seem to do not care! Some define their own mission. Some do what they love, what they think is the right thing to do.

In this life, you can become whoever you want to become! But if you do not believe in yourself and your mission head, well, you will have a hard time reaching your goals!

Start believing in yourself! Start to understand what your life is all about. You can reach everything! It’s really that easy. Everything is just that, a process. Step by step! How hard can that be?

See you next time!

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