Four years ago, I have changed my future. Four years ago, I have defined the new me. Four years ago, I have laid the very foundation of my todays existence. Four years ago I created this, my first vision board. But honestly, back then, I didn’t understand the secret after all. I had no clue about what I was doing. I was neither aware of the risks, nor of the consequences this would bring into my life.

During those four years, this vision board was always the last thing I was looking at before going directly to sleep. But I wasn’t just looking at it of course. I was also pretending to have reached all those goals already. I even said thank you to a higher power for having achieved all of that.

Back in 2017 I neither had a clue about how to reach my goals, nor if I can ever even manage to get there. I just knew what I wanted. I was convinced, that those are the things that I was missing out on in my life. And so, with the creation of that vision board, I have created a better version of myself.


A change is what I needed, but how many people do we actually know that have changed so dramatically? With whom can we talk about topics like this? Our friends? Our family? Who is there that will not directly think that you must have lost your mind.

In life, we have this inner drive to always look for the ultimate truth. We can not just do something and see if it will work for us or not. No! We need to know exactly how high the chances are before risking anything. But honestly, how can we know? How can we find out? And the answer is, we can’t.

The law of attraction. You can google it if you want to. You can watch some crazy people talking about it all day long. But, and this is the most shocking thing about it all, it actually works. I have used it in the past. Eleven years ago, to be precise. Back than it worked, but I wasn’t convinced. I thought that it was just pure luck. A coincidence. But today I know that it was not. The law of attraction works, not because the universe likes us, but because it makes just sense.

During the last four years, of course I was not just looking at all those things, day in, day out, dreaming about a better world. Of course I was not just pretending to have reached those goals already. I was literally changing my life each day a little bit.

With some of the goals I have started right back in 2017. For example with starting to actually read books on a volunteering basis. With other things I needed more time. I have upgraded my racing simulator on which I have spend thousands of hours since then. I joined the formula student racing team, I have started to take those goals serious and work on myself every single day of my life.

The only question you need to answer is this: What can I do today, that will help me get one little step closer to my goals.

People in general have a hard time believing in something they can not explain. And for sure, the concept of the law of attraction is exactly such a thing. At first sight, it makes no sense to the logical thinker. Believe me, I am an engineer. But once you understand what it is really all about, you will understand.

In life, there is no mountain too high, there is no goal too far away. As long as you believe in yourself, you can reach any goal. It might take you longer than anyone else, sure, but you can make it!

Today is another day to change your life forever. But why don’t you actually start to change your life? Why don’t you stop right now doing whatever you do and start to ask yourself the right questions? This life is too short for wasting it. This life is too short for not doing what you love. In this life, you will never be happy, if you can not find to yourself. And please, don’t get me wrong. It’s not about money, cars and fame. Life is just about you!

Can you honestly tell to yourself, that you are doing exactly the things in life, you always wanted to do? Are you on the right track? Moving in the right direction? in life, you can reach whatever goal you want, but it needs to be you that is working on these goals every single day of your life.

You are the key to success, to happiness, to basically everything in life. We are responsible for our lives. Why don’t we take the responsibility and finally start to do what we love?

See you next time!

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