#685 Writing – S1 E12 – Nonsense

Nonsense. Adding words to each other that do not fit. What sounds like a bad introduction of today’s topic is in fact a master piece. A form of art.

But art in general, especially abstract variants, rely heavily on the ignorance of people. A vision, an idea, all of these things are not necessarily successful. It’s the resonance, the reaction, that makes something outstanding. Out of this world.

I write this book. This little book. I had an idea. Just a small one. I have a dream. But many had dreams before. The secret? Being different. Being real. Being authentic.

The thing about this world? It just doesn’t need to make sense. We are looking for something better. For improvements. For moving on. We, and I may speak for all of us, we are not even sure what we want. What we need. What this thing we call life, is all about.

This post of mine is strange. It’s different. It’s ignoring rules. It is just that, nonsense. But nonsense that seems to make sense. Nonsense that seems to have some kind of a sense in it.

Writing is a way of communication. It’s a way of expressing something. A feeling. An idea. A situation. We can use words to make things clear. To define what we mean. To make sure to get understood.

Writing is a form of art. And we are all artists. We perform this most difficult task all the time. When texting with mum or writing an email. We write so much, we do not even think about it.

When writing is the form of art, how do we perceive it? How do we understand? We read. We interpret. We think.

A situation, a movie scene, it is described just perfectly. The floor, the walls, the surroundings. We see it with our own eyes. But in writing, we need to see through the words. We need to dive deep into the story.

Leaving enough room for us to visualize, this is the holy grail. Hijacking the readers and guide them into the right direction. An old car. It was an old car. The car stopped in front of the cafe.

Photo by Manuela Kohl on Pexels.com

The car doesn’t exist. The cafe doesn’t exist. But still, you have seen it. The car and the cafe, I mean. You were there. Watching the car stopping right in front of the cafe.

What kind of a car was it? In which country did the scene take place? Who was driving the car? Go back in your head and try to recollect.

Have you seen a real place? A cafe you have visited in the past? A cafe you have seen in the movies? Isn’t it strange? Those little words. They told us so much without actually saying anything.

Details, the world is full of them. But nobody needs them. Instead, the only thing we really need is freedom. Freedom of thoughts, freedom to call this story our own.

If there is one secret in writing it is this: It needs to be clean. It needs to be open for interpretation. Like in a painting, there needs to be a story. Our own story.

Nonsense doesn’t make sense. But indeed, nonsense does make sense. It’s the lack of details. The lack of patronizing. The lack of strict guidelines. An old car. The car stopped in front of the cafe.

Which color does the car have? What kind of a car is it? How clean is the car? The thing about writing is this, we need to allow blank pages. We need to open up our minds, not describing too much and destroying the reading experience.

Writing is art. The more we practice, the closer we can get.

See you next time!

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