#686 Mindset – S1 E9 – WHY A GOD DAMN BOOK?

Exactly, why a God damn book? Why couldn’t I leave that for the experts, the professionals, the real authors out there in the world?

The answer might be surprisingly easy. Writing a blog? Everybody can do that. Writing a daily blog? A couple of people can do that. But writing a book? Not many people write their own book. I was looking for a challenge. For a hard task to do. Something I will be working on for a while.

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A book is the perfect project! It is an easy to understand process. It doesn’t cost anything and of course you can take your time. There are no deadlines. There are no limitations. Sure, in the past, you had a hard time finding a publishing company, but come on, those days are over. You can just publish this thing on your own.

Writing a book is fun. You can create something out of nothing. You start on a blank piece of paper and fill it with your thoughts.

Sharing my thoughts with the world. Sharing an idea with the world. Writing a book is just the perfect project for me. It takes a lot of time, hard work and most certainly a lot of effort. Not many people write book these days. Especially not by themselves. Sure, we have all those books out there about the rich and famous, but come on, they have not written this God damn thing by themselves. They are using ghost writers, real authors, a team of many many people. But it’s not about making money. At least not in my case. I write this thing for the sake of writing it. I write this thing for myself.

I do not have to proof anything! I have this daily blog, this is proof enough. But no, the book is something special.

I write this book, because six years ago I would have needed this very thing when my life was a mess. I would have needed such a thing, a guideline, a step by step instruction.

Writing this thing is not always fun. Writing this thing can actually be pretty exhausting. But that’s what it is all about, right? Overcoming obstacles. Moving on. Following the inner voice.

I write this book, because I want to write it. I want to invest the time, the money and all the other resources.

See you next time!

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