#687 BEHIND THE BLOG – S2 E3 – Priorities

In life, we always have a chance. A chance to change. A chance to do it all over again. A chance to do whatever we want.

Looking at this blog project so far, I can clearly see the things that I am doing wrong. I write too much. I talk too much. I focus too much on myself. But the thing is this, it is my project. I write this blog for myself. I write this thing because I want to write it. Sure, that is very selfish of me, but it is the truth.

In life, we need to set our priorities. We need to define what we want to do and what we do not want to do. Writing a blog in order to get famous, well, I will leave that to the influencers out there in the World Wide Web. For me, this is just not what I want. This blog is about me, learning how to become a writer.

Writing for the sake of writing. That is what I love. I like the idea, the concept, the process. You like it as well, sure, great! But if you don’t, well, I do not even care. Or at least that should be my mindset. I write a daily blog because I want to write every single day, as simple as that.

But where are my current priorities? I will have a new job very soon, of course that will get the highest priority. After that, sure, my other projects will follow. The racing program, the blog, language learning, sport and all the other things I do.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This blog, it has become part of my life, but it is not my entire life. I am doing this for fun, for the pure sake of practicing my writing skills and learning something each and everyday. Therefore, this doesn’t need to be successful, or awesome, or anything like this. This is just me telling my story. The story about my life.

In the last couple of weeks, I have learned a lot about life. I have learned a lot about the mindsets people have. I have learned a lot about the way people go through life without having any clue where to go. But that is not my problem, is it? I mean, each and everyone of us out there is responsible for their own lives.

But how many people take over that responsibility? How many people do actually set their priorities?

I will do this blog until I think I have enough. But until then,

See you next time!

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